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2011-08-17 / Police Blotter

Youths throw eggs at passing vehicles

Monday, Aug. 8

 A customer of a Niagara Falls Boulevard department store reported that a man parked in a burgundy minivan was “fondling himself.” The customer said the man was sitting in the vehicle as it was parked in a handicapped spot. The man left prior to the arrival of police.

 A resident of Garnet Road reported that jewelry and a passport was stolen from her home.

 On Niagara Falls Boulevard, a resident reported finding a knife stuck in the tire of his vehicle when he walked out of his house. He told police the incident occurred overnight.

Tuesday, Aug. 9

 A resident of Larch Road reported that her brother stole her snowboard so that he could have money to purchase items.

 A motorist reported that five teenagers were throwing eggs at passing vehicles. The complainant said the group was fleeing by foot on the southbound portion of Millersport Highway. Police located the teenagers, advised them of the misconduct and told them to return home immediately.

 An employee of a Hopkins Road business reported that four male teenagers threw toilet paper all over a Volkswagen Beetle parked in the lot. The youths reportedly fled the scene prior to the arrival of police.

Wednesday, Aug. 10

 On Coniston Road, a resident reported that she had received two prank calls on her home phone. She also reported that a person had just rung the door bell; however, no one was at the door when she checked. Police responded and found the area near the home to be safe.

 A resident of Jeffrey Drive reported that approximately 10 to 15 youths were being loud in the front yard of a nearby residence. Police responded and advised the group to either go inside the home or keep the noise level at a minimum.

 An employee of a Maple Road business reported that a video game machine was broken into and money was stolen from the device.

Thursday, Aug. 11

 Police responded to a Maple Road business where an intoxicated female, who was escorted out of the restaurant by employees, was refusing to leave the premises. The woman behaved while in the presence of officers, so no arrest was made. A taxi driver transported the woman to her Buffalo residence.

 A resident of Buckeye Road reported that jewelry was recently stolen from her home. She told police the items may have been stolen by her son or his friends.

 On Vine Lane, a resident reported that a group of seven teenagers was yelling at passing vehicles while standing in the road’s intersection with Grandview Street. Police responded and located three of the youths and requested that they return home and keep the noise level at a minimum.

Friday, Aug. 12

 A resident of Odessa Drive reported a “very loud band was playing in the area.” Upon their arrival several minutes later, police discovered the area was quiet.

 On Eggert Road, a resident reported that a group of youths on a nearby hill were igniting fireworks. Police responded to the location but they were unable to locate the youths.

 A resident of Niagara Falls Boulevard reported that a tow dolly was stolen from his property during the past week. He told police the item was removed while it was in the driveway.

Saturday, Aug. 13

 On Campbell Boulevard, a resident reported that four youths were using airsoft guns and he was concerned for their safety. Police responded and advised the youths about the dangers of the guns and told them to not brandish or use the weapon.

 A motorist reported that he struck a deer with his vehicle while driving on Millersport Highway. He told police the deer was injured and the vehicle was heavily damaged, but he was uninjured.

 On Sundridge Drive, a resident reported that approximately 15 to 20 loud youths were walking in the roadway and refusing to move for passing traffic. Police responded to the location; however, they were unable to locate the youths.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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