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2011-08-17 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Recently I was the victim of identify theft. It happened on my computer through my bank accounts. The Amherst Police did an excellent job getting right on the case and getting my money back. I was extremely impressed. My money was refunded to me immediately. I believe the business was run out of England. I am extremely grateful and think they did a fabulous job.

.Thanks to David Sherman and The Amherst Bee for being one of the only print media left that writes the truth about what is going on in Washington, even though that truth hurts and I don’t always want to hear it. I just renewed my Bee subscription.

.The New York Times has referred to the President as Mr. Bush while he was still in office and now that Barack Obama is President, they refer to him as Mr. Obama. I would prefer all Presidents, past and present, always be referred to by their title rather than Mr. I was somewhat surprised that The Amherst Bee would put an item of direct criticism to Mr. Sherman in Bee Heard, and I applaud that honesty.

.Mr.Obama,yousaidyouweregoing to lower taxes, put in health care reform and get out of Iraq. You have done none of those things. What were you thinking, people, when you voted for this guy who had no experience whatsoever?

.I believe the Bee poll line should be available by more than computer. I don’t have a computer, but I would like to vote that the Indians should receive better recognition for who they are and what they have done.

.It’s absolutely dangerous the amount of drivers who exit the 290 at Main and Kensington and think it’s okay to make a left turn onto Main heading east. There are three separate signs clearly stating no turns/Kensington Avenue only. Are the police going to wait until an accident occurs?

.I’m a veteran, and I find it reprehensible that anyone would think that because someone serves their country that makes them above reproach. To think that criticizing the actions of a veteran is somehow unpatriotic or a show of ingratitude is not why we serve. A recent letter regarding one town board member questioning the actions of another had nothing to do with serving the country and everything to do with abusing the intent of an obscure law.

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