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2010-11-24 / Police Blotter

Females allegedly attempts to steal nine jackets from store

Sunday, Nov. 14

• A resident of Briarhurst Road reported that his neighbor removed the “No Trespassing” signs from his front lawn.

• Two females were arrested for shoplifting from a Sheridan Drive business. The women allegedly attempted to steal a number of items, including nine jackets and other clothing that they reportedly shoved into large purses after removing the price tags.

• A resident of Mill Street reported that an unknown person damaged his lawn overnight by riding in the grass in a vehicle. The resident said a sign and grill were also damaged.

Monday, Nov. 15

• An employee of a Sheridan Drive automobile sales business caught the attention of an officer who was on patrol and reported that the tires and wheels were stolen from a vehicle parked in the company’s lot. The employee also said damages were caused to the vehicle’s undercarriage and its paint.

• On Heim Road, a resident reported that an unknown person broke the windows at Heim Middle School.

• An employee of a Main Street business reported that one of his vehicle’s tires was slashed while he was working.

Tuesday, Nov. 16

• An adult male was charged with shoplifting from a Niagara Falls Boulevard business. An employee of the business who witnessed the incidents said the man was in the possession of a knife.

• A resident of Kaymar Drive reported that a person’s dog jumped through the front window of his home.

• On Cadman Drive, a resident reported returning home to find both the garage and front doors open. Police responded to the scene but found that nothing inside the house was missing.

Wednesday, Nov. 17

• After failing field sobriety tests conducted by police, a 19-year-old female was arrested for drunk driving on Grover Cleveland Highway. Her vehicle was towed and impounded.

• A patron of a Niagara Falls Boulevard business reported that his vehicle was “keyed” while he was inside the store. He was unsure of who was responsible.

• Police responded to the parking lot of a Sheridan Drive business where a person was reportedly refusing to pay his cab fare. The cab driver told officers the customer paid the fare after being told the police were on the way.

Thursday, Nov. 18

• A woman reported that her son’s cellular phone was stolen while he was at school. Several minutes later, her husband called police dispatch to report that the phone had been located in the boy’s locker at school.

• A resident of Hedstrom Drive reported that an unknown person damaged the house’s siding by shooting it with a paint-ball gun. He said the incident may have occurred the previous afternoon.

• A resident of St. Gregory Court reported waking up to find that $48 was missing from his home.

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