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2010-08-18 / Editorial

Out of the Past

125 Years Ago

Aug. 20, 1885

The Williamsville Cooperative Brewing Co. has appointed Milton J. Hoffman book-keeper.

Buffalo people use 30,000 bottles of beer daily.

The wheel of the yacht John R. Fero, while in Buffalo Creek, struck and killed a catfish thirty four inches long and weighing twenty-five pounds.

The smallest horse we ever saw is a Shetland in Mr. George Zent’s pasture. It is not as large as a good-sized dog, and is as cute as can be.

Saturday afternoon the Cement City baseball club of Akron crossed bats with the Stars of Williamsville and was worsted by a score of 10 to 11.

Ed. L. Kyser advertises fruit barrels for sale at the Buffalo Cement Works. Prices to suit the times.

The Signal Service has made public interesting data concerning the frequency and features of tornados in the United States. In 1884, there were 180 tornados, of which the average path of destruction was 1,037 feet in width and thirty-six and one-tenth miles in length.

“Opening of the season: uncovering the mustard pot.”

“The barber’s trade is always the best trade, for it’s always at the head.”

“‘Were you a bull or a bear?’ asked an acquaintance of a market speculator. ‘Neither,’ he replied. ‘I was an ass.’”

100 Years Ago

Aug. 18, 1910

J.A.C. Dodge of Williamsville is at Binghamton this week attending the Grand Lodge session of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows as representative of the local lodge.

Alois Schiesel, the popular town clerk of Cheektowaga, is remodeling and enlarging his hotel at the corner of Genesee Street and Union Road. The present building has been moved to the rear of the lot and a commodious addition will be made to the front.

75 Years Ago

Aug. 22, 1935

At 6:15 p.m. last Thursday, Amherst Police received a call from Cheektowaga requesting the aid of the Hutchinson Hose Company in fighting a stubborn grass fire that threatened the gasoline supply of the Buffalo Airport. The local firemen found a huge area in flames. A furrow was plowed around three haystacks in the path of the blaze but they caught fire because of the wind. The fire extended from Genesee Street almost to Wehrle Drive.

Miss Isabelle Weatherbee, instructor in French at the Williamsville High School, has received her master’s degree in French from Middlebury College, Vt.

50 Years Ago

Aug. 18, 1960

A new era in communications was opened last Friday as a taped message by President Eisenhower was sent coast-to-coast via an artificial Earth satellite. The successful transmission took the world one step nearer the day when live television programs might be transmitted via satellite.

Supervisor Harry A. Jones has announced that the Town of Amherst has purchased traffic radar equipment and that it will be put into use in the next few weeks.

The Williamsville Historical Society will hold its annual picnic in Island Park on Thursday, Aug. 25. Picnickers are asked to bring any historical item which they would like to show, particularly old books, documents or letters.

The Smith’s Tavern softball team took Keyser Bros. for a 6-4 win and dropped a 6-2 game to Getzville in games played last week.

25 Years Ago

Aug. 21, 1985

Members of St. Leo the Great Church will celebrate their mortgage burning on Sunday, Oct. 6. Established in 1953, the parish first held Masses in an open field.

Ellicott Creek defeated Newstead on Sunday, 5-4, to claim the Firemen’s League championship.

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