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2010-02-10 / Police Blotter

Brother doesn’t want to be bothered

Thursday, Feb. 4

• A complainant found a baggie filled with an unknown substance, that looked like seeds, on Eggert Road. Police reported the bag had two seeds and threw it away.

• A South Union Road resident reported a horrible odor coming from a neighboring apartment. The complainant said the tenant moved out in the middle of the night two weeks prior.

Friday, Feb. 5

• A Glenhaven Drive resident called police about several issues with the neighbor’s dog on the complainant’s lawn.

• A customer was refusing to leave a car dealership showroom on Niagara Falls Boulevard. The manager drove the subject to his hotel.

• A motorist reported being followed on Transit Road and the occupants were throwing items at the complainant’s vehicle.

Saturday, Feb. 6

• An Audubon Drive resident called police regarding two boys who threw snowballs at her car when she was driving home and they denied doing it when she confronted them. She also said they rang her door bell and ran away.

• Approximately 50 youths were blocking the roadway on Robin Hill Drive. The complainant thought they were up to no good.

• An Allenhurst Road resident complained the neighbors in the apartment complex were making noise, and running up and down the stairs. She asked them to stop and they laughed at her.

• Police were called to Stonham Way for a report of a body slumped over at a picnic table in the woods. Police reported it was a scarecrow sitting on a bench.

• A complainant called from Main Street reporting a dog was running very fast on Union Road, going in and out of traffic. The dog had escaped from a veterinarian and the owners were trying to catch the dog on foot. Patrol helped check the area. The report did not indicate if the dog was retrieved.

• Police were called to Greenbrier Road where a young girl was sleeping in a car. Police arrived and found a mom waiting in a car for her daughter who was at a music lesson.

Sunday, Feb. 7

• A woman called from an unknown location reporting her husband was home on Kings Highway and there was a bat inside. The man was waiting outside.

• A mom called police from an Amherst home when she caught her teenage son smoking marijuana.

• Police were called to a Maple Road grocery store to assist a manager who was looking for advice on keeping a homeless man off the property permanently. Customers had complained earlier that he was going through the garbage looking for food.

• A woman called police saying she is trying to reach her elderly brother who lives on Mapleview Road and the line has been busy for an hour. She also said she called earlier and his nephew, who also lives there, hung up on her. Police spoke with the brother who didn’t want to talk to the complainant today.

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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