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2009-11-11 / Letters to the Editor

Small tax increase worth saving jobs

After all the hullabaloo about the 2010 Amherst town budget, The Amherst Bee reported (Comptroller Darlene) Carroll stating the average tax bill increase would be less than $1 a month. That’s 3 cents per day. With these facts why are we putting Amherst employees in jeopardy? We are talking about people who live in Amherst, support food and drugstores, restaurants, schools, churches, gas stations, etc. Just plain living.

I don’t think any Amherst resident is going to complain about a dollar a month more for taxes, when it will certainly have an effect on services of all kinds in our town. You name it.

Why not give up one pack of cigarettes, a casino trip, or buy one less lottery ticket? Those affected are our friends, our neighbors, and yes, maybe our relatives. They need jobs and our support.

Just think about it.
Harry W. Lacey
North Long Street

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