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2009-07-01 / Police Blotter

Even dogs don't like door-to-door salesmen

Friday, June 19

• A Rosewood Drive resident complained that a neighbor was power washing in the backyard. The call was made at 11:20 p.m.

• A naked female was reportedly doing gymnastics around a few males in a parking lot on Amherst Manor Drive.

• A man called police saying his ex-wife had called him several times saying she was throwing his clothes and furniture on the front lawn. He said she sounded intoxicated.

• A complainant called from Tonawanda Creek Road saying a man was taking rocks from the creek and loading them into a car. The vehicle was gone when patrol arrived.

• Police were called to Heim Road about a man who was urinating in a parking lot and had an eight-pack of beer on the front seat. Police responded to find the man gone, but a large pile of beer cans was left behind.

Total calls received: 259

Saturday, June 20

• An employee of a Sheridan Drive business was reportedly singing a song about calling 911, and a complainant thought police assistance was needed. Police responded and discovered a language barrier between the parties involved; no problem was found.

• A man called after leaving a doughnut shop on Main Street because he was upset that an employee initially did not give him a free cup of water but the manager did. He wanted police to advise the workers that he could have a free cup of water anytime. The officer explained to the complainant that it was a courtesy extended to him and did not advise the workers.

• A complainant called from Sweet Home Road reporting that a raccoon jumped in a Dumpster but was unable to get out. The call was canceled when the animal freed itself.

• A woman called from Creekside Drive to inform police that $5 was taken from a small purse she left on the seat of a car. The incident occurred three days before.

• A group of youths was walking on Cottonwood Drive when one girl jumped in front of a car and yelled that she was hit.

• A Burroughs Drive resident reported that a radio upstairs keeps going on and off, and she is confident that there is nothing wrong with it. Police checked the interior and found no problems.

Total calls received: 201

Sunday, June 21

• Police were called to an apartment on Peppertree Drive for a domestic violence report. The couple told police there was no problem, and the complainant was retaliating for them calling police about her loud music. The call was logged as a neighbor dispute, not domestic violence. The complainant was advised.

• A man was reportedly under a bridge on Niagara Falls Boulevard, hiding in a bush with binoculars. He was gone when patrol arrived.

• A Robin Road resident complained that a global positioning unit was taken from an unlocked vehicle overnight.

Total calls received: 207

Monday, June 22

• A complainant called from Sandpiper Court about a group of men on a nearby basketball court who were being loud, dropping "F-bombs" and keeping the complainant's children awake. Police responded and found the area was quiet.

• Ducks were reportedly not moving for cars on Niagara Falls Boulevard. One had already been hit and killed.

• A Fairlawn Drive resident complained that the neighbor's dog got loose and was defecating on her lawn.

Total calls received: 288

Tuesday, June 23

• A man reported that he was sitting on a front porch on Canterbury Square when a car drove by and someone threw out a gym bag. The item was picked up by patrol and tagged.

• Police responded to a Main Street gas station where a group was standing by a gas pump and yelling, and one man was punched. Police reported that the people were friends and an argument started over what debit card to use to pay for gasoline.

• Three crows were pecking at a baby rabbit on Hopkins Road and now the rabbit can't walk, a complainant stated.

• A 14-year-old boy on Little Robin Road was refusing to go to school for an exam. He was taken to school.

Total calls received: 259

Wednesday, June 24

• Three youths were setting off fireworks in portable toilets on Bedford Drive. The complainant said it was an ongoing problem.

• A North French Road resident called police about an animal that was in the bushes but wouldn't come out. The complainant thought it was a deer or coyote. The call was canceled when the animal ran away.

• Police were called by a neighboring agency to keep an eye out for a hang glider last seen in the area of Millersport Highway. Should the hang glider be located he was to be detained.

• A complainant reported that a man driving on Sheridan Drive was all over the road. The man then got out of the vehicle at North Forest Road, did a little dance, got back into the car and drove off. The area, and the residence linked to the license plate, were checked.

Total calls received: 282

Thursday, June 25

• On East Summerset Lane, a stinky odor was reported near the complainant's refrigerator.

• A magazine seller was bitten by a dog on Hirschfield Drive.

• A pole on Saratoga Road was hit and knocked down by a vehicle. The driver said he hit a puddle, went over a curb and then hit the pole.

• A complainant called from Ambrose Court for a bird's nest that was near a front window and the birds were attacking visitors.

Total calls received: 276

(Editors note: The Bee's police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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