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2009-07-01 / Letters to the Editor

Maple Road vote alters quality of life

The Amherst Town Planning Board has approved Benderson's Maple Road project even though the Traffic Safety Board voted against the plan because the project will cause too much traffic. A traffic control consultant stated that all that needs to be done is time the lights differently on Maple Road and there will be no traffic problems. Really?

If timing of the lights is the solution for the traffic problem, can they time the lights differently on the rest of Maple Road, Niagara Falls Boulevard, Transit Road, Main Street and Sheridan Drive?

Members of the Town Board should be ashamed of themselves for voting to change the Master Plan. If there is anyone still around who believes the developers' nonsense that they lower taxes when they develop the land, they are either brainwashed or have the developers in their pockets.

In one single vote, the Town Board destroyed a neighborhood. houses on Maple Road will have their quality of life completely diminished. It is the same thing in any neighborhood if a developer comes in and just decides to build a huge commercial development.

The Town Board couldn't care less about the people. Not only will this development affect the people in the vicinity of this monstrous project, the traffic is going to trickle down the street. North Forest Road and the people who live off it are going to be affected.

I wish that all whose houses will be affected can sue each individual Town Board member for destroying their quality of life. Since the developers always win in Amherst, the only suggestion would be that the Town Board members should have to live in a house where they approved massive building without thinking of the residents. Barbara Burgett Old Spring Lane Williamsville

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