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2009-07-01 / Letters to the Editor

Reducing the board won't save money

In response to Richard Anderson's letter about downsizing the Town Board, his comments are typical of a political candidate, and more recently of the Republican Party. While Anderson says, "I am appalled that … three current Town Board members are denying our residents a voice," referring to the three Democrats, he forgets that years ago we voted for seven Town Board members and it's the Republicans who are denying us the full representation we voted for.

And while taxpaying residents attended numerous Town Board meetings telling the Town Board to deny the rezoning of the Buffalo Gun Club, which will create severe gridlock, major traffic delays and disrupt an entire neighborhood, it was the Republicans who ignored those residents. I thought when we got rid of Jane Woodward, the Republicans got the message that we are tired of politicians giving developers everything they want. We may need to tell them again this November.

Also, why hasn't The Bee done a financial report on how much it costs each resident to keep the board at seven, so we have a better idea of all this so called "savings"? At a salary of $ 25,000 each and approximately 115,000 residents (maybe more), it costs less than 22 cents a year, or less than 2 cents a month per resident for their salary.

And what happens if we have five board members and two can't make a meeting? Do we want three people representing a town our size? It's time the facts got out, instead of pretending that reducing our representatives will save tons of money. Barbara Ann Symington Getzville Road Amherst

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