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2009-07-01 / Editorial

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HOLLY SCHIFERLE Classified Manager

EMPTY NEST AND HIVE — As one era comes to an end, a new one begins. This past Saturday, no doors closed, but new ones certainly opened. On Saturday evening, June 27, a very special person graduated from high school. This person is a co-worker here at The Bee; she is also my joy, my inspiration and my daughter. Born 18 years ago into the family here at The Bee, Kelly graduated from Williamsville South with honors, and it is now her turn to embark into the world on her own. With the watchful eye of home, it certainly, however, won't be alone.

Kelly was born at the close of a work day here at The Bee, on a Monday after deadline, just as her brother was two years before her. Both Greg and Kelly made mom's work more a part of their lives than even some Bee employees. Both were part of the work force here. Greg could be seen buzzing around as the Bee mascot at parades, trade shows and various other events, donning the Bee head and costume, and Kelly has been our classified advertising department assistant for two years now.

As both prepare to leave home in August, with Greg heading south to an internship through the University at Buffalo at Walt Disney World in Florida, and Kelly east to the University at Albany, the hive will seem a lot emptier, both at home and work. For 20 of my 27 years here at The Bee, two special little kids played big roles in this wonderful Bee family. They grew up here. Greg's favorite thing to do was sit in mom's chair with his feet up on my desk pretending to answer phones, and Kelly's was all the tasks she was assigned to do on all those "bring your daughter to work" days, starting the day with Tim Hortons and bringing the publisher, Trey Measer, bagels.

From hugging mom with open arms and tiny tot little faces, to embracing the world with the enlightenment of education, I am so proud of each.

They leave their mark academically, socially and now with a commitment to community as active members of the Williamsville Fire Department and New York State-certified emergency medical technicians.

They are grown now, and as each bee does, they will head out to fill their roles in the world. As sweet honey comes from the effort of diligence and hard work of each member of the hive, so will the world be a sweeter place because of two special Bee family members. Congratulations to both. by JESSICA L. FINCH Associate Editor

WATCH OUT — I pulled up to the corner of Union Road and Main Street on Thursday morning, about three cars back, waiting to make a right onto eastbound Main. I noticed three teen girls standing on the corner, laughing and not really paying attention, but now and then glancing at the passing traffic, waiting to cross. Their body language suggested they were going to cross Main toward McDonald's. The light turned red on Main, they hesitated, then changed direction to cross Union Road. At the same time a red Saturn sport utility vehicle began to turn right onto Main.

Thankfully, the driver of the SUV hit its brakes and stopped in time. No one moved for a second, and then both the car and girls continued on. But I hope they and everyone who witnessed the incident remember to use extreme caution, especially at busy intersections.

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