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2009-06-17 / Education

Students raise $1,681 by collecting coins

Helena Mong Helena Mong Helena Mong, a first-grade student at Maple West Elementary School, has presented a $1,681.32 check to Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center Foundation, where she had been tested for her own hearing impairment.

Every year, Maple West Elementary School hosts the Children to Children Giving Coin Drive. This year, Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center Foundation was selected as the recipient of the funds. The children at Maple West Elementary were given a bag to collect coins along with a note from Helena.

She wrote, "BHSC is very special to me because they have helped me to hear better again. ... My doctor told us about BHSC. The audiologists at BHSC were so nice to me and even used fun things to help me through my test. I found out that I had hearing loss in both of my ears and that I would need hearing aids to help me to hear better."

In one week, the children raised $1,681.32, and the check was presented on Wednesday, June 3.

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