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2009-05-06 / Letters to the Editor

Many understand need for nurses

After reading the multiple letters to the editor this week, I had to send in a note of thanks to the many parents and professionals in Amherst who understand and are standing up for the value of school nurses in all schools. Not all districts in the town see this value. There was a recent case documented in another state where a student died from an asthma attack because a nurse was not available to properly assess and treat the student before emergency personnel arrived. This district is now in litigation. I hope and pray this does not happen in the Amherst District or in other districts currently not providing full-time nurses in its schools.

It is a proven fact that attendance goes up when school nurses are present. It will be interesting to note if there is an increase in the absenteeism rate without school nurses. Let's not go backward in time. Not a day goes by that I don't use my 30 years of nursing experience to provide care to the students as well as faculty in my building (Williamsville North High School). I know the employees and parents appreciate the care they receive. Maybe these members of the Amherst School Board have never had a child with medical needs while in school. We can't plan on when an emergency will occur. Let's be proactive with a licensed professional nurse in every school. Every child deserves a school nurse. Elaine M. Herberger president WNY Association of School Nurses

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