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2009-05-06 / Letters to the Editor

Taxes should not pay for private school nurses

People who can afford the tuition send their children to private school where they expect a better education than offered to them in the public schools. The less affluent send their children to public schools.

The proposed budget for the Amherst Central School System reduces the health care amount for public schools and the subsidy for the private schools. School taxes are paid by people who cannot afford the private schools or do not even have school children at home.

The ever increasing school tax is a burden for retired people who find their retirement "nest egg" shrinking by 25 percent or more. Retirees are probably almost a majority in the Amherst Central School District. They rarely have any children at home to send to school. I compliment the unpaid School Board members for formulating a fair budget that reduces the cost of the school system. Robert J. Collins Harlem Road Snyder

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