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2009-05-06 / Letters to the Editor

Private schools should pick up costs for nurses

Many letters have been written to protest funding cuts for private school nurses in the Amherst School District. Many protestors state that these cuts will leave private schools without nursing care. That is not entirely true. What it does is place the burden for providing that care in the private schools' hands. While the Amherst District has funded 100 percent of private school nursing care for many years — well above the state mandate — other area school districts fund this care well below that level.

Several letters claim the Amherst District could cut other "unnecessary" expense One writer wants to see a line-by-line itemization of these expenses. I'd like to point out that private schools don't have to place their budgets before the entire district; if they did, there would probably be "unnecessary" expenses that could be cut to provide supplementation of nursing care. While I understand the burden placed on district residents who chose to send their children to private schools, since they have to pay both school taxes and tuition, that burden is an inherent consequence of their choice.

Parents and children in the district's public schools must also be considered. The reason we are willing to bear the tax burden in the Amherst district is because of the high-quality education and enhancements it provides. Public school parents do not want to see these items cut because we know what a positive impact they have on our student body.

No one wants to see children go to school without proper medical assistance available to them. In these difficult economic times, however, both public and private schools in the Amherst district must bear the burden of increased costs and cuts in educational aid. Ann Kern Lamarck Drive Amherst

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