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2009-03-11 / Letters to the Editor

Danger lurks from potholes at major intersection

For a truly wondrous group of potholes — and the site of accidents waiting to happen — check out the west side of the "apron" where Mill Street connects with Sheridan Drive. These potholes continue to get wider and deeper as dozens of buses drive over this section day after day. The intersection is now extremely dangerous, as drivers quickly slow down when entering Mill from Sheridan, and the likelihood of rear-end collisions is inevitable. It is also a major pedestrian crossover for Mill Middle School children.

This intersection was temporarily patched this past spring, after numerous calls were made to our county representative; however, now the holes have reappeared and are now much worse because of the inadequate repair. The problem seems to be one of ownership of the problem: Who has responsibility to fix this increasingly dangerous intersection before accidents occur: the state, the county or the town? Eleanor K. McConnell Wickham Drive Amherst

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