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2008-11-19 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

(Editor's note: Call The Bee at 632-0390 and record a one-minute comment on our Bee Heard line. It gives readers an opportunity to comment quickly and candidly on items of local or regional interest. Callers do not have to identify themselves and no callers' names will be used. In the interest of fairness and good taste, The Bee will not publish derogatory or insulting comments. All comments are by our readers and are subject to editing.

.To the man who was walking his dog on Kensington Avenue on Sunday, I really apologize for splashing you. I was so busy looking at your cute, little Jack Russell terrier that I did not realize I was driving through a puddle. I'm sorry if I got you wet.

.It is apparent to me that it is time to consider dissolving the Village of Williamsville. In this time of economic hardship, can we really justify paying more for water than our neighbors in Amherst? Maintaining the parks and providing services that everyone uses can no longer be justified. Unless the village can bring down tax rates to the level of our neighbors in the Town of Amherst, it is time to dissolve the Village of Williamsville.

.What is the deal with the Pepsi Center's concession stand? Last night there was a full foyer of people from Canada and Niagara Falls, and at 7:40 the concession stand was closed. No pizza, no coffee, no soft drinks.

.Christopher Lee may have won the election, but his signs are still littering the entire town. If his supporters are so enthusiastic, they should go pick up the signs before they blow away with the snow.

.I'm a restaurant worker in Amherst, and the people of this town need to stop taking out their anxiety on restaurant workers about the economy and the way the world is going. We're just doing our jobs; a little patience and common courtesy would truly be app reciated.

.I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Stella, who lives in Ransom Oaks, for returning my lost purse and wallet last Tuesday. It certainly makes one know that there are very kind and wonderful people in our neighborhood.

.How long do we have to wait for storm sewers on Hartford and Hilton Boulevard to be repaired? They have been under construction and covered with barricades for more than six weeks now, many of which have been hit with traffic and are now a pile of wood laying in the street. The snow is quickly approaching and will soon make these obstacles more difficult for drivers to see. When will this issue be resolved?

.Here it is November and the parking ban is in effect, unless you live in the Willow Ridge area of Amherst, and you have friends/family connections to the police department. Then you are exempt from this law. Maybe I'll start parking in front of these people's houses, so I can be special, too.

.Associate Editor Jessica Finch should be commended on her article on solar panels. Finally, we have some dollar outlays to evaluate. Using information presented, solar panels with installation costs for the inverter, meters and wiring, etc. are surely cost-prohibitive even with taxpayer subsidy. Who, using their own money, would generate electricity at $6,500/kwh, which equates to 650 cents/kwh? Even Niagara Mohawk is only around 20 cents/kwh delivered. The town board needs to spend their time finding ways to reduce spending.

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