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2008-07-16 / Police Blotter

Karaoke yields warning

(Editor's note: The Bee's police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

Friday, July 4

• A resident on Rensch Road complained that someone was revving an engine and making an ungodly noise.

• On Fairlawn Drive it was reported that a man was driving a golf cart in the street with two children strapped to the back.

• Police were called to Kenmore Avenue about a female walking around with an open bottle of vodka, who was falling down and throwing her shoes. She had wandered away from a party and her family members were going to handle her.

• Patrol was flagged down on Saratoga Road by a resident whose dog was running away. The animal was located and returned.

Saturday, July 5

• A complainant reported seeing a man, with a mushroom haircut, passed out on Klein Road near a liquor store. The suspect then got up and started walking down Red Oak. Patrol took him home on Mill Street.

• A Fruitwood Terrace resident complained about a riding lawn mower that was racing around the neighborhood.

• A injured, furry animal was reported on Tomlyn Drive. The complainant had to jump the fence to get away from it. Police reported a dead raccoon and logged it for pickup.

Sunday, July 6

• A naked man was running through the woods on Forest Edge Drive. He was spotted smoking a cigarette and shouting. He was then in a yard with a big red umbrella.

• A man parked in a hotel parking lot on North Forest Road complained that his Jaguar emblem had been stolen off the vehicle.

• Two females were reportedly screaming about their order to employees while parked in a fast-food drive-through. They then went into the restaurant and continued and refused to leave.

Monday, July 7

• A motorist reported a turkey was struck on Millersport Highway and was flopping around. The turkey was reportedly fine, walking around on the shoulder of the road.

• Youths were reportedly throwing firecrackers into the portable toilet on Sweet Home Road and running away when they went off.

• A Dodge Road resident reported there was a parrot in the tree in front of the house.

• A motorist reported seeing a male throwing rocks at cars in front of Eastern Hills Mall. She called back to report he was hiding between cars at a restaurant across the street, then that he was last seen hiding under a tree.

Tuesday, July 8

• Police were called to Greengage Circle about a loud music complainant. They advised the resident to sing, "Major Tom" at a more appropriate time.

• A Roxbury Parkway resident reported a high-pitched whining noise coming from a neighboring back yard. Police located the problem was a pool heater and left a message for the owner.

• The owner of a Longmeadow Road residence reported a tenant left without paying and the owner found the back door broken and walls down in the house.

• A North Ellicott Street resident complained there was a small skunk sleeping in the basement window well.

Wednesday, July 9

• A North Bailey Avenue store employee reported a man came into the store and started sweeping and when the employee asked him what he was going he just grunted. All was OK, the party was installing a new carpet.

• A male appeared to be in distress while sitting in a parked car in a lot on Niagara Falls Boulevard. The complainant thought he appeared to be huffing three to four cans of "Dust-Off."

• An Imperial Drive resident reported she had recently moved into the home and found bones in the basement. Police reported it was a dog chew toy and chicken wing bones.

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