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2008-06-04 / Police Blotter

Man moves into home, discovers four-legged occupant

(Editor's note: The Bee's police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

Friday, May 23

• The source of an odor of smoke at a Southcreek Court address was unknown. It was later located in a flower pot that was smoldering due to being used as an ashtray.

• An employee of a Sheridan Drive body shop reported that inside an abandoned vehicle there was a box that contained ashes of human remains. The funeral company named on the box didn't want the ashes without paperwork. The last owner of the vehicle could not be contacted.

Saturday, May 24

• A Pino Verde Lane man reported that there were five unknown males in his Jacuzzi and they had been there about 10 minutes. When he learned the men were friends of his younger brother, he then recognized them.

• The top part of a Meyer Road resident's mailbox was taken overnight.

• A Howard Avenue resident complained about three baby raccoons trying to climb a tree in the front yard.

• An employee of a restaurant on Niagara Falls Boulevard was drunk and threatening other employees. He was picked up by a roommate.

• A woman was injured by a falling branch on Seabrook Drive.

Sunday, May 25

• On Sunshine Drive, three males were around a car and were overheard saying "I got it." The husband of the car's owner said it was urinated on.

• An Allenhurst Road resident reported that she can hear her neighbors yelling and believed the man was hitting the female. Police responded and found the people in question were watching Steven Seagal's "Out for Justice" with stereo sound.

• A Bauman Road resident reported that someone poured motor oil all over her Mustang convertible.

• A tractor-trailer reportedly took down a power line on Maple Road, and the driver was picking at it with a stick, trying to get it off his truck.

Monday, May 26

• Teens were reported on Harlem Road for shining laser pointers at cars.

• Two skinny dippers were reported in the hot tub at University Village at Sweet Home. They were advised.

• A goose was struck by a car on John James Audubon Parkway, and the other geese started flocking around. It was logged for pickup.

Tuesday, May 27

• A Coronation Drive resident complained that he heard youths shooting a BB gun. He said he couldn't see anything but recognized the sound of a BB gun.

• Two ex-employees of a fast food restaurant on Maple Road were on location, swearing and causing a scene. The two females were advised.

Man charged

with DWI The Eric County Sheriff's Office has reported the arrest of an Amherst man on May 25 for allegedly driving while intoxicated and other vehicle and traffic law charges.

Deputy Jim Welch stopped Oleg Kazakevich, 27, of Amherst for speeding on Interstate 290 in Tonawanda. According to the sheriff's report, Kazakevich subsequentially failed several field sobriety tests and was placed under arrest. He was also charged with aggravated unlicensed operation, third degree, for driving with a suspended driver's license, and also driving with a suspended registration.

He registered a .11 percent blood alcohol concentration, according to the report.

His case will be handled by Tonawanda Court.

• Someone started a roll of toilet paper on fire at the Audubon Library.

Wednesday, May 28

• Someone in a black car was reportedly driving up and down Country Parkway yelling obscenities into a megaphone.

• A man reported that he moved into a Windermere Boulevard house, and there was a cat living there, having belonged to the prior homeowners. He wanted assistance in catching it.

• A fire was reported on a porch on Berehaven Drive, and people were screaming for someone inside. It was a bird's nest burning on top of a light fixture, and it went out.

Thursday, May 29

• An Allenhurst Road resident reported that a door alarm was set off, and the caller was concerned about an intruder. The portable alarm fell off the door, causing it to sound. No problem was found.

• On Heim Road, a car was reportedly speeding, passing other cars illegally, and fireworks were being thrown from the vehicle.

• A Cambridge Square resident complained about a neighbor's loud vacuum and even louder stereo.

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