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2008-04-02 / Police Blotter

Mysterious mustached man marketing meat

(Editors note: The Bee's police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

Friday, March 21

• Police responded to a Pine Oak Drive address where a couple of carloads of girls had pulled up and were ringing the doorbell and making a lot of noise. They said they were there because they wanted to crash a party. They were advised and sent on their way.

• A man running down Sheridan Drive said he was hit by a car, and the driver got out of the vehicle, threatened him and then left. The man was not injured, and police apprehended the suspect.

• A man reported that his car was keyed in a parking lot on Niagara Falls Boulevard. He said a man in a black pickup truck screamed at him when he tried to pass him in the lot. The complainant went into the store and saw that his car was keyed when he came out.

• Police were called to Hopkins Road where three teen males were dancing in the street, screaming to loud music coming from a nearby house. The teens were described as: one wearing a yellow, smiley suit; one in a velvet suit; and the other in a tie-dyed T-shirt. Police advised the teens.

Saturday, March 22 • A store employee on Evans Street said a woman hit a parked car, then parked her car, and went into a store to shop.

• On Walton Drive, a house scheduled for demolition had rat poison put throughout the house, and the complainant said there was a man there a couple of times today, bagging stuff and going in and out taking items. Police reported that the man was an employee of the demolition company, and it was OK for him to be there.

• A Little Robin Road resident called police to report that his female neighbor was sobbing, and he can hear her through the walls. No problem was found.

Sunday, March 23

• A car reportedly hit a building at the corner of Main Street and Union Road. The driver hit the gas pedal, instead of the brake, when trying to park.

• Police were called to a gas station on Niagara Falls Boulevard where a man was approaching female customers asking to exchange a gift card for cash. He was advised and sent on his way. Police reported that he was offering to pay for people's gas with his credit card for cash.

• A group of youths appeared intoxicated in front of a fast food restaurant on Niagara Falls Boulevard. One reportedly vomited.

• Employees from the same restaurant reported that the windows of their vehicles were smashed. It was believed to be the work of the drunk teens.

Monday, March 24

• Cars on Stonybrook Lane were egged over night.

• A Springville Avenue resident complained about a car that was violating the parking ordinance. It hadn't been moved since September.

• Police were called to Glenhaven Drive about a white truck with a refrigeration unit. A man with a thick mustache was reportedly selling fish and meat.

• An Alberta Drive store employee reported that a man just walked out of the store with a computer screen and modem.

Tuesday, March 25 • A man who just woke up complained that he had been drugged, taken to a hotel on Main Street and robbed. Police reported no crime, and the complainant's friend took care of him.

• A delivery company was trying to deliver 745 pounds of crates to a Hickory Hill Road apartment, but the designated recipient said he hadn't ordered them.

• A neighbor brought dogs over and had them defecate on her porch, according to a North Bailey Avenue complainant.

Wednesday, March 26

• A man complained that he witnessed females in a car throw a drink out of the window on Sheridan Drive. The drink in turn got on his new truck, and he was upset.

• A hotel employee on Millersport Highway reported that a man refused to leave, and he was wearing headphones and talking to himself.

• An Eggert Road resident complained about a neighbor's pit bull that was on her back porch. The report stated that the pit bull "lunged at her and her little dog too."

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