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2008-02-06 / Local News

Committee completes Community Plan, sends to board


After almost three years of meetings, the Community Plan Committee's work is finally done.

The committee's final meeting took place Tuesday, Jan. 29 at which point members discussed comments from December's public hearing and approved the final draft of the plan to be given to the Village Board for review.

"It's been a long and involved process," said Walter Pacer, the committee chairman. "It's been extra gratifying to work with so many people from different backgrounds and to come together with a plan that we can all be proud of."

The plan is now in the hands of the Village Board, who will review it and make any changes the members see fit. The board will then hold its own public hearing on the plan and its revisions, if any, before deciding how to implement it.

According to Village Administrator Lynda Juul, the plan could be in the hands of the Village Board as early as the end of February.

"It's my hope that the Village Board takes a serious look at the plan and implements zoning regulations to move the plan forward," Pacer continued.

Trustee Basil Piazza, who was in attendance at the final meeting, noted his hopes that the Village Board will address zoning changes and the Community Plan simultaneously.

"We (the Village Board) have been talking about the zoning ordinances needing some revisions," he said. "Hopefully we can do both at the same time."

While the plan is now out of the hands of the committee, several members in attendance noted their willingness to make themselves available for questions from the board in order to facilitate the plan's progress.

"The plan involves so much study and understanding," said committee member David Vitka, who added that the cover letter included with the finished plan should include the members' availability for in-depth explanations and the fact that time is of the essence to change the zoning code in order for the plan to be implemented as soon as possible.

"We want to keep the board's feet to the fire with this," Pacer said. "We recognize that this could be an involved process, but there are recommendations for things in the plan that can be done fairly quickly and inexpensively."

A finished copy of the community plan will be available on the Village's Web site, www.village. williamsville. ny.us.

Questions about the plan can be directed to Juul at Village Hall at 632-4120.

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