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2008-02-06 / Local News

Re-Tree WNY in need of municipal coordinators

Re-Tree WNY is seeking municipality coordinators to oversee volunteer tree planting in Western New York towns.

The individual will be required to live in the town that he or she represents and will be responsible for working with the town highway department, parks department, and/or department of public works. The primary responsibility will be to coordinate all Re-Tree WNY activity with the municipality.

This will include planting with the municipality, recruiting volunteers, setting up training sessions and managing planting events. Trees are being provided at no cost by Re-Tree WNY.

Although the ideal candidate will work closely with the town, the person cannot be employed by the municipality.

Any town affected by the October 2006 storm that lost trees and has expressed interest in getting them planted by the Re-Tree WNY volunteers, is eligible to have a coordinator. The coordinator will report directly to Re-Tree WNY and will receive no compensation.

Interested persons are asked to contact Re-Tree WNY by calling Tim Finnell at 741-7063 or e-mailing tdfinnell@ roadrunner. com.

Additional information on Re-Tree WNY is available by logging onto www.re-treewny.org.

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