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2008-01-02 / Sports

Union College beats St. Lawrence, 4-3

Amherst girls hockey

Union's Emily Keable opened the scoring in the first. Emily Beauchamp made it 2-0.

St. Lawrence made a game of it with a goal from Nell Meosky, but Union's Amanda Burns would increase the lead. Union's Emily Beauchamp would score again in the third, making it 4-1 but Nell Meosky of St. Lawrence would score two more goals for a hat trick.

Union's brilliant defensive play of Rachel Farr and Corrine Shanahan kept the score at 4-3.

St. Lawrence's Erica Dombrowski, Madison Kather, Kathleen Ruggiero would make things difficult for Union. St. Lawrence goalie Theresa Meosky made some brilliant saves.

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