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2008-01-02 / Entertainment

Missing Karma's '::Revolution::' a strong CD

by ROBERT E. KUPCZYK Bee Entertained Associate Editor

In February of 2007, I reviewed Missing Karma's self-titled debut CD. Skip ahead to almost a year later, and I'm again reviewing a Missing Karma CD - the new six-song EP, "::Revolution::"

The musically strong CD features a band lineup change with new members Justin Kruszka and Adam Young on guitars. Standing members include lead vocalist Matthew Wetter, bassist Jason Leapai and drummer John Fonagy.

The original five piece metal/alternative band's sophomore EP features heavy guitar licks and melodic vocals. It kicks off with "Hate Me," which has been featured on 103.3 The Edge's "Nextwave."

The song instantly catches the listener's attention with an intro guitar riff and driving rhythm. It has a memorable chorus. Interestingly enough, on the first listen of "Hate Me," I thought Missing Karma had changed vocalists, but Wetter has beefed up his vocals since their first CD, especially on "Hate Me." He's got that Raine Maida/Our Lady Peace desperation in his voice, and also sounds a bit like Matthew Good. This song, and others, also incorporate the guttural screaming that is so popular in today's music.

The band's influences include 10 Years, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Sevendust and others.

"Say Goodbye" is a medium-tempo rocker that features fine guitar work by Kruszka and Young, and a melodic vocal for the chorus.

"Take My Hand" begins aggressively with drums, bass and guitars in a Metallica-like guitar riff. "Tonight" features a strong beat by Fonagy.

"Carry Me Over" is dedicated to troops overseas. The song begins with a quasi military beat by Fonagy. The chorus has a memorable chord change and Wetter's vocal "Carry me over, carry me back home." It ends with the lyrics "I'm giving you this letter to let you know I'm coming home."

"Higher Ground" has that Our Lady Peace/Three Days Grace feel throughout, starting off with clean guitars in the intro and verse, and distorted guitars for the chorus.

Missing Karma's strength lies in energetic guitar driven songs and Wetter's vocals. He seems to be improving with each new recording, and it is clearly heard on "::Revolution::"

"::Revolution::" was recorded, produced and mixed by Rich Spalla at It'll Do Studio in Niagara Falls, N.Y. The production is top-notch, and all instruments and vocals are well-balanced.

For a copy of "::Revolution::", see the band live, visit www.MissingKarma.com or download it through iTunes. More information on the band is also available at www.myspace.com/MissingKar ma.

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