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2008-01-02 / Police Blotter

Sleeping child causes commotion

(Editors note: The Bee's police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

Friday, Dec. 21

• An employee of a Transit Road store was accused of taking cash from the drawer. He was taken into custody and was found to be in possession of cocaine. He was also charged with bribery.

• Police responded to Canterbury Square where a female reportedly took a PlayStation 3 and put a hole in the wall.

• A premise check was requested on Washington Highway where a woman reported that someone was ringing her doorbell and she saw children on the porch. She had mistaken porch decorations for people.

Saturday, Dec. 22

• A welfare check was requested on Eggert Road for a man who was lying in a snow bank, possibly intoxicated. The man, an employee of a nearby bank, fell into the snow bank while waiting for the bus.

• Police were called to an Alberta Drive restaurant about someone who passed out. The call was canceled when the person woke up and ran off.

• An air traffic controller at Buffalo-Niagara International Airport reported that a spotlight from a business on Transit Road was distracting pilots. The business turned off the light.

• A couple reportedly had to run to their car from a restaurant on Niagara Falls Boulevard because 10 to 12 rats were running around.

Sunday, Dec. 23

• On Denrose Drive, a complainant stated that a neighbor was burning garbage. The fire was extinguished.

• A Roycroft Boulevard resident reported that an unknown person(s) set up Christmas lights and a manger scene on the complainant's property.

• Police were called about a sleeping 5-year-old child who was locked in a car on Main Street. The call was canceled when the child woke up and unlocked the door.

Monday, Dec. 24

• A vehicle was broken down on Creekside Drive; the car hit a curb and the tire fell off.

• A cab driver complained that an intoxicated person on Pine Oak Drive was in the cab and couldn't afford the fare.

• An employee at a Maple Road store called police about a man who was irate about equipment that wasn't there. The suspect left the store.

• Customer trouble was reported at a Niagara Falls Boulevard hotel. Two men were reportedly occupying a room and refusing to open the door. The person who rented the room reportedly had a history of drug use.

Tuesday, Dec. 25

• An intoxicated guest was fighting with other guests at a Niagara Falls Boulevard hotel. The suspect was standing outside of the check-in window with blood on his face.

• A 911 call was placed from a Ruskin Road address, and the dispatcher heard two men talking in the background. The call was accidental; a new phone was being installed.

• Two elderly siblings were arguing on Surrey Run about how to get home. A cab was called for one of the parties.

Wednesday, Dec. 26

• A Columbine Drive resident reported that vandals cut down a 20-foot pine tree. The tree had been touching National Grid wires, causing sparks, and was cut down by the company's crew.

• A man was reportedly going over the falls on Glen Avenue in a kayak. Three people from Rochester were located and advised.

• Occupants of two cars on Sheridan Drive were throwing things at each other.

Thursday, Dec. 27

• A hit and run was reported on Dauphin Drive. The vehicle, which was reportedly occupied by juveniles, hit a tree, and the occupants ran off.

• A 911 call was placed from East Spring Street. No problem was found. The phone was a Christmas present, and the dialer didn't know what the red button meant.

• A deer with a missing leg was reported in the back yard of a Tonawanda Creek Road residence.

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