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2008-01-02 / Letters to the Editor

Public input needed on 'EH Corridor'

Articles have appeared in the local newspaper regarding using our taxpayers' dollars secured by Rep. (Thomas) Reynolds to support a road that is supposed to ease traffic congestion near Eastern Hills Mall. Called by a fancy name to sound special, the benefits of the "Eastern Hills Corridor" (which I call the road from nowhere to nowhere), are highly suspect. This "corridor" is based on incomplete study and zero public input, as the requirements for public comment have, to date, been circumvented.

If just a road was being constructed, perhaps that would benefit area traffic. The truth is that commercial/office buildings are planned along this corridor. It shouldn't take a rocket scientist or a Department of Transportation traffic engineer to conclude that adding this kind of density certainly will not ease traffic and will undoubtedly burden the local residences greatly.

This road will route potentially significant traffic onto Main, Sheridan, Harris Hill and back onto Transit. If you live on Clearwater, Glennwood, Gentwood Hellenwood/Hedgewood, Ericson, Harris Hill and adjacent roads and especially in the new homes behind the mall, be prepared for increase noise, air pollution, lights and, of course, traffic. Some will try to imply that the increased industry will help reduce taxes. This is fallacy put forth by individuals who are ignorant to the true economic impact of poor regional planning, or who have their own economic gains at stake at the residences' expense.

This project could possibly produce more negative impact then every poorly planned development that has occurred in the last 15 years. A project of this magnitude minimally requires a detailed environmental impact statement. Before our money is spent to make others rich, I call for a proper public forum. Projects of this nature, using public funds, need to be based on defensible facts - not conjecture, opinion or invalid estimates. Peter J. Gorton Hedgewood Drive Amherst

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