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2007-11-28 / Police Blotter

Police Blotter

(Editors note: The Bee's police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

Friday, Nov. 16

• A Springville Avenue residence had a pumpkin thrown through the window.

• Police stopped a car on Main Street and smelled an odor coming from the vehicle. The driver stated he had smoked in the vehicle.

• A Lillyridge Drive resident reported harassment because her male neighbor was posting a phone number and sexual messages in his window.

• Emergency crews responded to a Park Forest Drive residence for a chemical hazard - a bleach and drain cleaner combination.

Saturday, Nov. 17

• A Briarhurst Road resident complained that a group of teens rang his doorbell and lit something on fire on his porch. The fire was out, and he thought he knew what house they were in.

• Someone complained about loud Christmas music at a house on Gray Birch Court. Police found the area was quiet.

• A Richfield Road resident reported criminal mischief; two youths damaged his TV dish by hitting it with sticks.

• Two welfare checks were requested for a house on North Brier Road. The first request came from a woman who reported hearing another woman scream from inside a home. The second involved a report of residents testing their surround sound system. Police were unable to locate either complainant.

Sunday, Nov. 18

• An employee at the Pepsi Center reported that a child was dropped off and was causing problems, attempting to steal hockey sticks. His mother was told he is no longer allowed there without a parent.

• On West Klein Road, a man was reportedly driving with open beer cans.

• Two male teens riding in a small, red vehicle on Interstate 290 were reportedly mooning people.

• A motorist reported that a deer ran into his vehicle on Klein Road, causing all the windows to blow out. The man was not injured, but the accident killed the deer.

Monday, Nov. 19 • A woman was found sleeping in the hallway of a Peppertree Drive apartment complex. The complainant was finally able to wake the woman and sent her up to her apartment.

• Police advised an East Pinelake Drive resident on the "best way to dispose of a deceased gopher."

• On Niagara Falls Boulevard, a woman complained that she was attempting to get X-rays, but her dentist would not release them to her.

• A Maple Road resident complained that she was hosting a party and two men in their 30s were out front taking pictures of the children playing. The men reportedly moved to a neighboring lawn and left prior to patrol arrival.

• A Main Street store reported that an X-Box 360 that was traded in may have been stolen. It was not reported stolen at the time.

• A man who was arrested for shoplifting at a Main Street store had a 1-year-old child with him and claimed no one could come get the child. Child Protective Services was contacted.

Tuesday, Nov. 20

• On Maple Road, a motorist with a mask on was reportedly driving erratically. The person in question was gone when police arrived.

• A 911 hang-up call came from a Darwin Drive residence, and the line was busy upon call back. Finally a woman answered and said she thought she was at work and dialed "9, 1" for an outside line by mistake.

• Police were asked to check out a Flint Road hotel for an out-of-town professional sports team that was staying there before a game.

• A person reported a very strong odor of marijuana on Glenhaven Drive, which could be smelled when driving down the street. Police reported that it was the odor from Wastewater Treatment Facility Plant 16.

Wednesday, Nov. 21

• A Main Street store employee complained that three men left the store after screaming and trashing the inside. They reportedly had threatened to return, and the store manager was concerned.

• Two people became locked in a bedroom on Maple Road, although they didn't know what caused the door to lock. The people were able to get out prior to the patrol arriving.

• On Garden Parkway, a resident reported concerns about a neighbor's dog being outside with the weather changing. The dog was brought in prior to patrol arrival, but it had been outside for 30 minutes.

Thursday, Nov. 22 • Police were called to a Le- Brun Road address about a 19-year-old man who was trying to take a car without permission and was refusing to give the keys back. The dad and son were outside, and the son walked away.

• A driver attempted to drive through standing water on Sheridan Drive and became stuck.

• Patrols were notified of volume at stores on Niagara Falls Boulevard for lines of shoppers forming. Several recreational vehicles had been parked in the lot as well.

• Suspicious phone calls were reported by a Plantation Court resident. The complaint was canceled; the calls were from a family member playing a joke as part of a surprise visit.

• Police were called about a dispute on Glenhaven Road. A man had locked his girlfriend out because he was not happy that she had been out drinking. The problem was resolved, and the couple went to bed.

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