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2007-09-26 / Police Blotter

Police Blotter

(Editors note: The Bee's police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

Friday, Sept. 14

• A store clerk on Millersport Highway reported that three males plugged a toilet with paper towels and tried to steal some beer. When the clerk tried to stop them they threatened the complainant.

• A person on Bloor Drive called police because of a concern that people would steal items from a trailer of equipment that the complainant had parked on the street.

• Police were called about a person on a scooter that was "terrorizing (the) neighborhood" on Ayrault Drive.

• On South Long Street, five to six youths reportedly arrived in a silver Mercedes and were then rolling joints on a picnic table.

• Police were called to Sheridan Drive where a group of teens were reportedly playing chicken in the intersection at Hopkins Road.

Saturday, Sept. 15

• A deer was struck on Sheridan Drive, and the complainant agreed to wait with the deer on a blanket until the "deer people" arrived to assist the injured animal.

• On Crosspoint Parkway, small groups of people having a scavenger hunt were reported for trespassing.

• A person on Transit Road reported finding a knife under the front seat of the car that didn't belong to the complainant. The item was tagged.

• Police were called to Thames Court where the complainant had a box over a muskrat.

Sunday, Sept. 16

• A call from a Youngs Road address involved a male who fell and became wedged between the toilet and the bathtub.

• Police were called to a restaurant on Main Street where a woman reported that a man grabbed her arm, so she threw a drink at him. Police reported that it was mutual harassment.

• A car parked on Eggert Road had a window smashed with a log.

Monday, Sept. 17

• Police responded to a call on Sunshine Drive where a couch was burning in the back yard. The outdoor patio couch caught on fire from a cigarette.

• Customer trouble was reported at a Niagara Falls Boulevard store involving a heavyset, bald man with glasses who was throwing things at employees and refused to leave. He was advised to leave and not return.

• A window was damaged on High Park, possibly by a rock being thrown from a lawnmower.

Tuesday, Sept. 18

• A gunshot was reported on Fruitwood Terrace, followed by a man seen running down the street. The complainant said the neighbor had called him describing what he saw, but the complainant hadn't seen or heard anything. Police thought it might be fireworks.

• A group of four teens were skateboarding on Essjay Road and refusing to leave.

• A Northledge Drive resident had paintballs thrown at the house.

• Police were called to a store on Kensington Avenue regarding a roll of photos showing kids with handguns.

Wednesday, Sept. 19

• On Niagara Falls Boulevard a man reported that he saw someone breaking into his car. The suspect fled.

• An argument was taking place at a restaurant on Sheridan Drive between a motorist and a contractor because paint from where the contractor was working splattered onto the motorist's car.

• A set of solar power driveway markers, valued at $25, were stolen from North French Road.

Thursday, Sept. 20

• Someone called police about hearing coyotes attacking deer on Millersport Highway. The complainant said he had seen them on two other occasions.

• A Springville Avenue resident reported a suspicious male who was pushing a shopping cart through the back yard and was going through the garbage in the neighborhood.

• A Rockdale Drive resident reported finding a sandwich bag full of marijuana and a bong near a mailbox in front of the home. The items were tagged..

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