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2007-04-25 / Local News

Board adopts village no-idle policy


The Williamsville Village Board has adopted a "vehicle no idle" policy in an effort to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the village.

The policy, which was proposed by Trustee Basil Piazza, was adopted at Monday's meeting.

"We're trying to make everyone more aware of the little things we all do that contribute to the build up of emissions," Piazza said.

According to the policy, one of the most prevalent heat-trapping gases, called greenhouse gases, is carbon dioxide - one of the primary components of vehicle exhaust.

Vehicle exhaust is also one of the primary contributors to lung irritants such as asthma, which is the leading cause of absenteeism among schoolchildren

Under the policy, village residents and business owners would not leave vehicles running when they are not in direct use or when they are unattended. The use of drive-through windows are also discouraged as well as vehicle warm-up or cool-down times greater than five minutes.

The policy applies to the operation of all internal combustion vehicles including personally owned vehicles, limousines and other vehicles for hire, buses (including school buses), delivery trucks, and municipally owned vehicles.

"Another thing that is small that we can all do is putting your seatbelt on before you turn the car on," Piazza said. "It's something that only saves a few seconds, but it adds up to hours over a year."

At the work session preceding the meeting, Mayor Mary Lowther noted the village's acquisition of a $31,000 grant through the offices of state Sen. Mary Lou Rath, R-Amherst, for damages from the October storm not paid for by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The logical choice is tree stump removal and/or replanting," Lowther said. "Coupled with the $4,200 received from DEC (the state Department of Environmental Conservation), almost $3,000 raised by the ReGreen the Village initiative and monies we included in the budget, we will be able to do a lot this year."

According to Lowther the village is in the process of finding bidders for tree stump removal.

" Depending on the cost associated with that, we would then begin planting in the fall," Lowther said. "I think this will go a long way to help us restore tree losses from the storm."

The board also confirmed the election of officers of the Williamsville Fire Company including Chief Richard Maddigan, First Assistant Chief Christopher Petrie and Second Assistant Chief David Kubiak.

The next Village Board meeting is 7:30 p.m. Monday, May 14 at Village Hall, 5565 Main St..

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