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2007-02-28 / Police Blotter

Restaurants fight about grease
Restaurants fight about grease

(Editors note: The Bee's police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

Friday, Feb. 16

+ A business on Sheridan Drive was reportedly serving alcohol to several underage girls. The manager was advised by police.

+ An irate man reportedly called the assessor's office at Town Hall, threatening to bring in a gun to get his assessment lowered. Police went to the man's house to speak with him.

Saturday, Feb. 17

+ A vehicle on Millersport Highway had a window smashed and a radio and CD player were taken while it was parked in a hotel parking lot.

+ On Main Street a female was standing outside of a store with a child and was banging on the window. The store's employee called in the complainant.

+ A dispute was reported on Sheridan Drive between a customer and the owner of the restaurant regarding the price of the meal.

Sunday, Feb. 18

+ A Springville Avenue resident reported losing her cell phone. She said when she calls the phone someone picks up.

+ On Alberta Drive a man reported he was given false information about a car he had purchased and he was unhappy. Police advised him it was a civil manner.

+ Reckless operation of a vehicle was reported at a car wash on Millersport Highway. A woman reported the suspect tried to back into her. She also complained that the suspect was reportedly using "trickling" water without payment. The car wash did not want to follow up.

Monday, Feb. 19

+ Youths were reportedly on a sledding hill on Saratoga Road and were drinking and making a lot of noise. Police did not find anyone drinking and the youths at the hill were with their parents.

+ A rock was thrown through a car window while it was parked on Chaumont Drive. Reportedly it was the second time it had happened in a few months.

+ A Niagara Falls Boulevard business employee reported a teenager called, threatening to throw a bomb at the building because he had been put on hold. Giggling was also heard in the background.

Tuesday, Feb. 20

+ A group of males were reportedly fighting on Main Street, after being involved in an auto accident.

+ On Peppertree Drive a tenant reported when she opened her garage she found an unknown vehicle. Information linked the car to another Peppertree Drive resident.

+ On Robin Road a resident thought she saw someone on her patio. Police found no footprints, thought the confusion might have been caused by icicles falling.

+ A Harlem Road resident reported to police she could not find her purse when she returned home. The missing purse was locate in the garage.

Wednesday, Feb. 21 + On Sundridge Drive a group of people were reportedly in the park, chanting about "holding your knives in the air." The problem had been ongoing.

+ An Evans Street restaurant employee reported a neighboring restaurant was dumping grease into her restaurant's grease pit, which costs a fee for pick up. All were advised.

Thursday, Feb. 22

+ A red car was reportedly racing in a church parking lot on Willow Ridge Drive. The complainant also said the driver was doing donuts and possibly knocked down a neighbor's fence. The suspect said they were testing driving skills and no damage was found.

+ A Niagara Falls Boulevard store employee called police about a note she found under one of the store's mannequins. On the note were codes for a video game.

+ A patient at a North French Road medical facility was out of control, swearing and screaming. The suspect was gone when police arrived but had been trying to get medical records.

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