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2007-02-28 / Letters to the Editor

Involvement is key towards a solution

In Williamsville, our high schools have dealt with the issue of alcohol and drug use by students, not unlike virtually every school and community in our nation. However, our schools and community have been very proactive in our quest to educate students about healthy life choices.

Williamsville Schools are committed to building positive assets in our youth with a comprehensive wellness program infused at all grade levels. Here at South High School, our SDM Team has established a group of interested and committed school and community members who have partnered together to combat this ever-present challenge. We have reached out beyond the walls of our school to involve people who have a vested interest in the lives of our young people. Who in the community has a "vested interest"? The answer lies within everyone who is reading this letter including those who do not have a child in school.

I also want to applaud the Amherst Task Force for Health Community * Healthy Youth, which provides important learning opportunities for the students in our area high schools. Having been an educator in Texas and Vermont before coming to Williamsville, I can testify that our school community does a magnificent job with instilling values in our youth. Those of us who work with students on a daily basis witness this firsthand. It is my hope that when you see a teenager doing something positive that you go out of your way to praise the young man or lady and highlight the things they are doing right instead of dwelling on those few who make bad choices.

Make a difference by being involved. It's as simple as making a connection with a young person in your neighborhood. Each of us has the power to make a positive difference in the life of a child.

C. Elvin Simmons Williamsville South High

School principal

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