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2007-02-21 / Editorial

Spindle items

JESSICA FINCH Associate Editor

+ CHOOSING KINDNESS - The cheap coffee filters failed me again on Monday, which sent me on a mission to feed my addiction. I stopped at the McDonald's on Sheridan Drive on my way to the police station. If you haven't tried its coffee, I highly recommend it. So I pulled up and waited behind a van. When it was my turn I pulled ahead and proceeded to wait several minutes without being greeted. After three cars lined up behind me I decided to pull ahead and order at the window. I figured I had two options: I could pleasantly explain that I hadn't ordered or act annoyed that I was left sitting there. I chose the first option. The employee at the counter also had two options: to be annoyed that I didn't wait to order or to take my order on the spot. She chose the latter.

She handed me my coffee, but then as I reached for my change, a $5 bill flew from our hands, landing in the snow between my car and the vehicle behind me. As I reached for my seatbelt, hoping the wind wouldn't catch the money, the driver behind me was already out of the car reaching for the money. I figured she also saw she had two choices: sit there and let me handle my mistake or help a stranger.

Looking back, I realized the whole ordeal could have involved some rude comments or dirty looks, but instead, everyone was extremely polite, and I want to thank the employee and the woman who saved my money for their kindness.

+ RIDE TO CURE - After being hit with more than 6 inches of snow last week, it's refreshing to look ahead to the warmth of June. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Western New York Chapter in Amherst has once again pledged its participation in the annual Ride to Cure Diabetes. This year's event will be held from June 21 through 24 in Sonoma Valley, Calif. The fundraiser draws more than 1,500 bicycle riders.

Riders can work with this year's local coach, Chuck Koller. Also assisting local riders is Steve Beauchamp, the fundraising coach, and Tom Lonzi, of Tom's Pro Bikes in Lancaster, who provides advice on equipment needs.

To take part in this year's ride, e-mail kswierski@jdrf.org or call the JDRF office at 833-2873. Information is also available at www.ride.jdrf.org.

+ GLENDALE HAS TALENT - Glendale Elementary, in the Sweet Home School District, has a lot of talent. In case you missed the student variety show on Friday, we wanted to recognize those student performers. The following students and their talents are listed: Colin Gerlach, singing; Connor Austin and Ben McKie, knock-knock jokes; Daisy Troop 473 and Brownie Troop 530, singing; Rachel Roberson, ukulele; Matthew Miller, piano; Quinn Sorrentino, Emma McKie, Elizabeth Hudson, Alyssa Mings and Julia Stoll, acting; Cameron Jackson, kung fu; Brittany Rudd, Irish dancing; Amanda Daniele and James Daniele, singing; Alex Agro and Alicia May, dance; McKenzie Austin, Samantha Nawrocki, Sam Hoffman, Alexandra Stasio, Maggie Ward, and Julia Young, dance; Zachary Farkas, drums; Stephanie Senefelder, tai kwan do; Justin Polyachyk and Alex LeBron, drill team; Giulia Buscaglia, piano; Alyssa Strom, violin; Joey Gerlach, singing; Megan Shoemaker and Savannah Walker, dance; Pedro Pereira, song and guitar; and teacher Michelle Murray and her third-grade class, singing.

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