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2007-02-21 / Police Blotter

Turkey stands its ground

(Editor's note: The Bee's police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

Friday, Feb. 9

+ An Emerson Drive resident complained that a man had been knocking on her door for 15 minutes, and she didn't know who he was.

+ Rowdy youths were reported in a Princeton Avenue residence. The complainant said they were wrestling and pounding on the floor.

+ A person's foot was run over by a car on Niagara Falls Boulevard.

+ On Princeton Avenue, a woman reported that she had just locked her 2-year-old daughter in a running vehicle that was in the middle of the street with the flashers on. AAA assisted the woman.

Saturday, Feb. 10

+ A Niagara Falls Boulevard store manager reported that a 20-year-old male, 6 feet tall, wearing a black coat and knit cap, was knocking on the window, and she didn't know who he was. No problems were found. The man was trying to pick up an ice cream cake.

+ A motorist on Niagara Falls Boulevard at the Tonawanda Creek bridge reported that three young children were walking in the street unattended. According to police, it was two young children with their mother.

+ Harassment was reported on Maple Road when the male driver of a dark-colored Hummer got out of his vehicle and punched the driver of a Lexus. The victim was advised on how to file a complaint.

Sunday, Feb. 11

+ A town resident complained that his ex-girlfriend was constantly calling him, and she had her friend doing the same. All were advised.

+ On Sundridge Drive, a resident complained that damage had been done to her car during the past few weeks. She suspected it might be fraternity boys who had been having parties.

+ A suitcase containing girls clothing and pictures of a young girl were found in a Dumpster on Maple Road.

+ A neighbor dispute reported on Old Lyme Drive involved the suspect supposedly banging on the complainant's door and screaming at him for taking the subject's laundry out of the common dryer before it was dry. The parties were advised to avoid contact with each other and to follow up with the landlord on a laundry policy.

Monday, Feb. 12

+ A car, reportedly driven by an intoxicated driver, hit a house near Thamesford Lane.

+ A Fairgreen Drive resident called police because her roommate moved out and took a lot of the complainant's belongings.

+ Several hang-up 911 calls were placed from a Hazelwood Drive business. There was no answer upon call-back. Finally, a dispatcher spoke with a teacher who stated she was teaching students how to dial 911. She was advised to use a fake phone.

Tuesday, Feb. 13

+ Police were called by a Roycroft Boulevard resident about a squirrel in the kitchen.

+ On Maynard Drive, an accident involved a vehicle striking a tree and coming to a stop in a snow bank. The driver was reportedly slurring his speech and requested police not be called.

+ Harassment was reported on Amherst Manor Drive when a man reported that he was being denied entry into his son's hockey game by security.

+ On Niagara Falls Boulevard, a man reported there was a wild turkey on the hood of his car, and he couldn't get it to fly away.

+ A man with blood on his face was reportedly running on Tonawanda Creek Road.

Wednesday, Feb. 14

+ An Allenhurst Road resident reported ongoing problems of a private plow company leaving large piles of snow in front of his driveway, blocking him in.

+ A woman having trouble breathing on Kaymar Drive told emergency responders that she had six beers and may have experienced an anxiety attack.

+ A motorist on Sheridan Drive reported that something fell onto his car, smashing his windshield, as he drove under the I-290 bridge. According to police, it appeared that ice fell from the bridge.

+ Someone reported that a store on Harlem Road closed early due to the weather but left a candle burning in the window. Entry was gained, and the candle was extinguished.

+ An unwelcome guest was reported on Little Robin Road when a woman entered the complainant's apartment, took a picture from his wallet and left while he was on the phone. An argument over the picture resulted.

Thursday, Feb. 15

+ Three teenagers wearing ski masks reportedly threw stones at a Robin Road home and dumped garbage on the lawn.

+ A group of suspected underage males was drinking in the northside lot of the Pepsi Center. No alcohol was found.

+ Police were called about a suspicious person at a Transit Road store. The suspect, a 23-year-old man, was found sitting in the magazine section after telling a customer that he "could be very dangerous."

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