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2007-02-07 / Letters to the Editor

County would be set back by Keane

With candidates surfacing for this year's race for Erie County executive, I couldn't be more shocked to hear that James Keane has announced his candidacy for the office.

In recent newspaper articles Keane has touted that he is the former deputy county executive under Dennis Gorski. Keane must recognize that Gorski didn't leave office by choice; he was voted out of office. One of the major reasons he lost to Joel Giambra in 1999 was that the Gorski administration consistently taxed the homeowners of Erie County.

When Giambra was elected to office one of the first things he did was cut Erie County's portion of our property tax by 30 percent.

Presently our taxes still aren't as high as they were when Gorski and Keane ran county government.

Now Keane is promising to return services to the way they were before the Giambra administration. Keane, not having a financial background, can only achieve this promise by raising our property taxes. This would send Erie County back 10 years and encourage our friends, family and area businesses to pack up and leave Erie County.

Erie County's next executive needs to have a financial background, so that he/she can find creative ways to cut expenses and streamline government. This would be the best step toward moving our area into the 21st century.

Kyle Miller Cheektowaga

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