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2006-12-27 / Police Blotter

Youths asked to leave store for spitting

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

Friday, Dec. 15

• Police were called to the Boulevard Mall regarding an altercation between two parties over a parking space.

 A man reported that his brother took his cell phone, and the people in a house on Sausalito Drive would not return it. He said he just wanted his phone back, and it was returned.

 Police stopped a Jeep on North Forest Road after someone reported that the driver threw bottles of beer out the window and was swerving all over the road. The driver told the officer she didn’t throw anything and was in a hurry to pick up her son.

 On Windermere Boulevard, police were called about a neighbor removing pieces of fencing. Both parties were advised.

Saturday, Dec. 16

 On Chaumont Drive, a resident reported that three youths attempted to take a lighted reindeer but drove off when the complainant yelled.

 A Saratoga Road resident flagged down a patrol after being locked out of her apartment. A ladder was borrowed from a neighbor to gain access to the residence.

 A complaint was reported from Walton Drive that a man who appeared to be in the back seat, was driving a vehicle up and down the street, possibly casing the area.

 Picketers were reported on both sides of Niagara Falls Boulevard. When police arrived there were no picketers on the Amherst side.

Sunday, Dec. 17

 A 911 call was placed from a Tristan Lane residence, and no one was on the line. When the dispatcher spoke with the owner, he said the dog knocked the phone over, causing the call.

 A Glenhaven Drive resident found a giant inflatable snow globe on the front lawn.

 A bottle was thrown out of a vehicle on Niagara Falls Boulevard and struck a person.

 A Sheridan Drive store manager reported that there were 10-15 youths in the store, and four of them were spitting in the front of the store. The manager asked them to leave, and they gave him a hard time.

Monday, Dec. 18

 A Denrose Drive resident complained because people were going in and out of an apartment and talking loudly in the hallway. A new resident had moved, causing the increased traffic.

 Three calls were placed to Amherst police from a male stating that there was a white box in front of a restaurant in Times Square, New York City, and there was 10 minutes left before a pipe bomb went off. The call could not be traced, and New York City police were contacted.

 A female wearing denim was being chased by store security on Niagara Falls Boulevard.

 Larceny was reported from a Niagara Falls Boulevard store. An employee reportedly passed $1,000 worth of merchandise to relatives. The employee was taken into custody.

Tuesday, Dec. 19

 A woman reported that she saw another woman jump out of a car and key terrible things into the complainant’s car on Transit Road.

 A grubby looking, dirty man pushing around a shopping cart and asking for money on Main Street was arrested for criminal trespassing.

 A jogger reportedly ran into a car and swore at the driver; then the driver followed the jogger on Main Street.

 Road rage was reported on Transit Road. The complainant reported that someone was pounding on the car.

Wednesday, Dec. 20

 Police were called to Main Street where two men were seen emptying purses into the trunk of a vehicle.

 A deer was stuck on a fence on Glen Extension Avenue. Its leg was caught.

 On North Ivyhurst Road, a resident complained that a neighbor in the apartment complex went into the basement, and then the complainant heard a loud bang and smelled an odor of natural gas. The tenant’s oven was “running at full tilt.”

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