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2006-12-27 / Letters to the Editor

Questions remain about privatization

The Town idea for privatizing the golf courses appears to be a venture without knowing or having substantiated numbers for operating costs. For some 40 years, the Town has operated golf courses without having a history of accurate operating costs. It’s obvious that there is no cost control or budget control for running the golf courses. Before any decision is made for privatization, the Town should install cost control operations for golf operations this year to see what direction to take.

The Audubon golf courses are good public courses and don’t need $4 or $5 million dollars to make them into country clubs. There is currently a need for good sand for the traps and some additional drainage, but we don’t need any ponds or cosmetic changes, just a well-maintained course.

If the Town will develop reliable cost of operations, then proper fees can be established to cover operating costs. Privatizing will only lead to higher fees for residents. Private operators will eventually want higher rates and fees will go up to $30 to $50 a round like other privately operated courses in the area. A Town-operated course will still be in the best interest of the residents as well as Town employees.

Don Weimer

Mill Street Williamsville

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