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2006-12-27 / Editorial

Out of the Past

125 Years Ago

Dec. 29, 1881

Now is the time to turn over a new leaf. Adopt good resolutions and abide by them.

Dr. H.G. Hopkins, physician at the Williamsville Insane Asylum, paid our office a pleasant visit.

The story is set afloat that President Arthur will soon marry the daughter of Secretary Frelinghuysen. He has one unmarried daughter, a handsome woman about 30 years of age. The marriage of the president would be a vastly interesting event in Washington society. (Editor’s note: Arthur never remarried after the death of his wife, Ellen Lewis Herndon Arthur, in 1880.)

The public schools closed last Friday. Mr. J.J. Lentz has resigned to take the office of School Commissioner, Jan. 1, 1882. Mr. J. G. Sevencase will succeed Mr. Lentz as principal of the school. He comes well recommended and we feel he will soon win the hearts of the pupils.

“‘Will you please insert this obituary notice?’ asked an old gentleman of an editor. ‘The deceased had a great many friends here who would be glad to hear of his death.’”

“‘It seems to me you have the longest miles here that I ever saw in my life,’ remarked a tourist in Ireland. ‘No,’ replied the long-time resident. ‘When they made the road, the stones gave out, so they put a mile stone every two miles.”

100 Years Ago

Dec. 27, 1906

Twenty-two employees of the Chalmers Gelatin Works were entertained by proprietor James Chalmers Jr. with a Christmas banquet at the Mansion House.

Misses Zent and Ely worked untiringly to provide a joyous Christmas for the residents of the Blocher Home.

75 Years Ago

Dec. 31, 1931

Just a few days short of 82 years on earth, William Liskoff, for many years a resident of our community, died Saturday, Dec. 26, 1931. For years, while stone quarrying was one of the main industries here, Mr. Liskoff worked at the trade. He was one of the oldest members of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Williamsville.

The Malotte Radio Service has extensive equipment available for use. The company has gone so far as to include television service, a division of radio which is still in its infancy. R.L. Huck is the firm’s local representative.

Bee Editorial: “During these last few days before school resumes, it is a good time to check up on a physical defects which may have been incapacitating them for their work in school. It may be that their eyes need glasses, their teeth are in need of a dentist’s care, or the advice of a physician is required. Children cannot do good work when laboring under such handicaps. Soon it will be time for mid-year examinations. Get the children in condition now for the ordeal before them.”

50 Years Ago

Dec. 27, 1956

Amherst is to have a new $1,000,000 bowling palace — 48 alleys back to back. The building project, to begin February 1st, will be located on Sheridan Drive between Harlem and Getzville.

Wilcox Motors, 5363 Main St., advertises for the first time in Williamsville, the new 1957 Renault Dauphine 4-door sedan. Price: $1,695.

Three wonderful weeks basking in the Florida sunshine were spent by Mrs. Leo Brenon, accompanied by her good friend, Mrs. Marion Smith.

25 Years Ago

Dec. 23, 1981

While they can accept the decision to close both the Eggert and Harlem Road schools at the end of this school year, the presidents of the PTAs of both schools are upset that the Amherst School Board decided to close them so soon.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Naedle of Williamsville celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Dec. 19.

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