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2006-12-27 / Editorial

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JESSICA FINCH Associate Editor

RESOLUTION I always make New Year’s resolutions but I more so believe in making changes in your life as needed. If the new year symbolizes a new start for you then embrace it to stop smoking, lose weight, start a new hobby, look for your dream job or whatever it may be. The Amherst Bee will be here to help as we have always been in the past. From Bee Healthy to our featured lifestyle and business stories, we bring you the news for seminars, volunteer opportunities and overall growth in the area.

So back to my resolution … I haven’t exactly settled on one yet. Last year I vowed to make an effort to learn more in general from Picasso to the Gaza Strip and used the power of the Internet to inquire about topics I felt I was lacking in. But while I decide on my new endeavor I have a suggestion for the Amherst Town Board — please make your resolution to be done with board meetings by 10 p.m. (yes one and a half hours before your “deadline“) so this editor isn’t dragging herself into work for production on Tuesdays.

If I was pushed to choose a resolution I would have to say it would be to spend more time with my family. I am blessed to have my three siblings living in the area, as well as my parents.

I thank everyone who welcomed me into this position midway through 2006 and look forward to the news that is yet to come in 2007. Best wishes for a new year.

 A HOLIDAY STORY — In the mad dash for the holidays, it’s the little moments that mean the most. Lands’ End is honoring one family’s special tradition — local resident Colleen DiCostanzo of Williamsville was named the winner of the “Hi, Santa” Family Photo and Story Contest. DiCostanzo’s story about how she and her family prepare for Christmas through a neighborhood fund-raiser run known as the “Turkey Waddle” was selected as the winner.

With a neighbor DiCostanzo came up with the idea for the “Turkey Waddle” after being unable to attend the annual Turkey Trot in Downtown Buffalo.

“We thought it would be really fun if we hosted a run around our neighborhood and use the entry fees collected to benefit a charity,” she said. “We have many prizes that are donated by our neighbors ranging from frozen turkeys and roasting pans to Sabres tickets. The kids talk about it months in advance, and we have even seen some of our neighbors training for the big event.”

The first year raised enough money to buy numerous presents for patients at Buffalo’s Women and Children’s Hospital. Entry fees also have gone to a local food pantry. This year there were 107 runners who collected more than $500, as well as canned goods.

Her story will have a starring role in the final “Hi, Santa” episodes available free online at http://HiSanta.Land sEnd.com or by calling 1-800-HI-SANTA. In addition, DiCostanzo will receive $5,000 in merchandise from Lands’ End. As a surprise, Lands’ End is helping the DiCostanzo family and their community fulfill local needs by donating $25,000 in products to the Women & Children’s Hospital — an organization for which the DiCostanzos had worked to raise money through the “Turkey Waddle.”

DiCostanzo’s photo and story was selected from more than 1,000 entries.

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