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2006-12-27 / Business

College Planning Advisors Inc.

Get ahead; start planning the future now

College planning can turn into an ulcer rather quickly if parents and teenagers don’t start thinking about their financial situation soon enough.

Frederick Zwierlein, a certified public accountant, started College Planning Advisors Inc. approximately 18 months ago to assist those beginning their journey into the world of higher education. The business is currently located at 9712 Keller Road in Clarence Center.

Zwierlein meets with the interested parties and works with them throughout the financial process to find a path that is affordable.

He urges people to start college planning in the teenager’s sophomore and junior years.

“Junior year is the most important because it is the year the federal aid forms are based on,” Zwierlein said, noting that he will assist

in the application process and go as far as completing the form for his client.

“This interests me,” Zwierlein said of what prompted him to start College Planning Advisors. “It’s helping families and their children with something that is really important these days.”

Zwierlein coached college soccer and said he remembered a few athletes who couldn’t play because they had to work their way through school.

“There were forms they could have filled out for aid that they didn’t know about,” he said.

Once the aid is awarded, Zwierlein sits down with his clients and evaluates their financial situation. “The important thing is to start early and plan early,” the owner said. “Don’t wait until senior year.”

Zwierlein continues the financial studies of his clients throughout the student’s college years, because those desiring aid need to reapply each year.

College Planning Advisors Inc. also works with H.O. Properties Group Inc. of Akron to help students and parents financially plan for college tuition.

For more information or to make an appointment, call Zwierlein at 741-4605 during regular office hours.

e-mail: JSchmelzer@beenews.com

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