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2006-12-06 / Education

Students selected for All-State Music ensembles

Fifty-eight students from Williamsville schools have been named to Junior High Area All-State Music ensembles, and 50 others were named to All-State Senior High ensembles, earning recognition as the area's top young musicians and vocalists.

Junior High

All State Selections

Band - East High, David Liu; Heim Middle, Max Blumberg, Andy Kim and Shan Jiang; North High, Anthony Kruese, and Aaron Ridall; Mill Middle, Phillip Galbo, Steven Giain, Landin Murphy, Joanna Ostroot, Nathaniel Roberson, Jacob Vogan and Yunlong Yang; Transit Middle Karen Park, Andrey Yu and Emily Zhou; South High School, Reed Corbett, Gregory DiMock, Becca Kent, Rebecca Leising, and Clark Zhan.

Orchestra - Casey Middle, Natalie Gong, Joyce Guo, Amanda Koeppel, Joseph Koo, and, Gavin Zhang; Heim Middle, Kathryn Saturnino; Mill Middle, Charlotte Falletta, Michael Lawrenson, Steven Roesler; Transit Middle, Eugene Cho, Connie Fan, Scott Gergelis, Kyle Torres-Hiyoshi, Hannah Huang, Chong Kim, Sangyoon Kim, Melanie-Elise Killian, Michael O'Donnell and Samuel Wie; East High School, Joe Isom, JinJoo Kang, Alex Lamparelli, Sophini Sen ,Christopher Soh; and South High School, Lindsey Darling, Courtney Fitzgerald, Paul Horton and Jilene VanOpdorp.

Chorus - Transit Middle, Marisa Borrello, Quinton Brock, Adrian Farsall; and East High School, Lucas Epp, Samantha Frank, Devon Laughlin and Julian Reed.

Also, Aaron Soccia from North High and Joel Decker from South High were named to the jazz ensemble.

Senior High

All State Selections

Band - from East High School, Aaron Boucher, Michael Metzger, Christina Kushinoff, Iaonnis Mountziaris and Andrea Pacella; from North High School, Dana Gradl, Jinan Sarah Kim, Matt Langer, Josh Newman, Bryan Ridall, Holly Spohn, and from South High School, Patrick Allum, Emily Tunstall-Frack, Taylor Gesel, Cecelia Koczka, Daniel Lamancuso, Molly Schleicher and Gretchen Szal.

Orchestra Winds - from East High School, Pooja Bakhai , Emily Cogsdill, Alina Jeon, and Sarah Scofidio; from North High School, Hannah Delansky, Allison Lyttle, Christian Robinson and Kim Schueler.

Chorus - East High School, David Kim, Jenni Li, Nainita Madurai, Daniel Melidona, Sara Weinstein; North High School, Joelle Formato; and South High School, Elizabeth Decker, Sashel Haygood and Stephanie O'Dea.

Orchestra - East High School, Nadine Cohen, Alexas Esposito, Griffith Kazmierczak, Emily Mangione, Catherine Park, Danny Ziemann, and Ben Wie; North High School, Richard Sobolewski, Caitlin Sprole, Aditya Varanasi and Ramkumar Venkateswaran, and South High School, Jordan Lawson.

Jazz - North High School, Russell Algera, Zachary Schwake, and South High School, Cameron Kayne.

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