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2006-07-19 / Business

Progressive Service Center helps with accident claims, repairs

The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies recently opened a Williamsville Service Center to reduce the time spent dealing with a vehicle accident.

An average driver spends at least four days dealing with the headaches of the repair process after an accident. With more than 40 crashes per day on the roads in Western New York that adds up to nearly 14,700 per year.

After an accident, drivers deal with a myriad of issues that include arranging for alternate transportation, getting repair estimates, finding a shop, getting updates, and inspecting the repairs.

In an effort to save drivers time and frustration, Progressive has unveiled its new "concierge" level of claims service, now being offered at 6699 Transit Road in Amherst.

This marks the 38th Progressive Service Center in the country and the first in the Buffalo area.

The service is not limited to just Progressive customers; it's available to anyone involved in a claim with a Progressive customer.

Nearly half of all claims handled by Progressive in this area are considered minor in terms of repair costs since they cause less than $2,000 in damage per vehicle. However, the time wasted and inconvenience caused are generally not minor.

"The Service Center approach is simple and it works," said Jeff Dynarski, Williamsville Service Center manager. "By using a service that handles the claims/repair process from start to finish, people can save time and spend it the way they want to."

How the Center works

+ The customer calls Progressive to report the claim any time of the day or night and then schedules an appointment to bring the vehicle to the Service Center.

 In about 15 minutes, the customer can be on his or her way in a rental car and Progressive will keep him or her informed of the status of the claim throughout the repair process.

 A Progressive claims representative prepares a repair estimate and contacts an auto body shop based on its track record of service and ability to begin work promptly. Both Progressive and the shop reach agreement on the cost of the repairs; the shop then transports the vehicle from the Service Center to its facility.

 When the work is finished, the vehicle is returned to the Service Center where representatives from both Progressive and the body shop inspect the quality of repairs.

 Once satisfied with the repair quality, Progressive calls the customer and asks him or her to return to the Service Center where the claims representative, and the customer inspect the repairs.

 The customer then leaves with a written guarantee on the repairs that both Progressive and the body shop stand behind as long as the customer owns the vehicle.

For more information, call 1-800-PROGRESSIVE and online at www.progressivedirect.com.

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