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2006-07-19 / Police Blotter

Thief likes milk, music

(Editors note: The Bee's police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

Saturday, July 8

+ Children were reportedly screaming in a pool on Roycroft Boulevard, creating a disturbance. Police advised a mother who was supervising a group of young girls having a sleepover.

 A red car was reportedly parked on Coronation Drive, and the driver was throwing garbage into the complainant's yard.

 Police responded to Windermere Boulevard where a man had reported that his intoxicated wife locked him out of the house while he was mowing the lawn. She was refusing to let him in the house. All were advised by police.

 Criminal mischief and larceny were reported on Washington Highway where two vehicles had their gas doors damaged and gas caps stolen.

 An American flag and a POW flag were both taken from the flagpole located at Amherst Town Hall on Main Street.

 A person reported seeing an orange Dodge Neon maneuvering all over Niagara Falls Boulevard, and the complainant didn't think the driver was old enough to operate a vehicle.

Sunday, July 9

 A grandmother reported to police that her granddaughter was supposed to be back at the Allenhurst Road residence by 11 p.m. and it was now 11:35 p.m. and she was not home.

 A child was locked in a vehicle on Hopkins Road. Fortunately, the air conditioning was running.

 A Hidden View Court resident, who reported a leaf blower had been stolen on July 6, found the item submerged in water behind the residence.

 Two males on motorcycles were causing a disturbance in a public place by revving their bikes on Chestnut Ridge Road. The complainant said the men were also urinating on the side of a building.

Monday, July 10  A Fairgreen Drive resident told police that three males with shopping carts ran the carts into his garage and mailbox and then left the carts.

 A complainant called from Campbell Boulevard to inform police that a 12-year-old child was driving a lawn tractor.

 A group of youths were reported for taking garbage cans from Cambridge Boulevard residences and rolling them in the street.

 A Transit Road resident reported that sometime during the night someone took an air conditioner unit from the wall and $2,500 in cash.

 An unwelcome guest was reported by a woman on Eagle Street. Her daughter's 15-year-old ex-boyfriend reportedly sneaked into the house, and the woman was "concerned what they might be doing." She told police she was going to confront him before the line was disconnected.

 A group of youths in a vehicle on Transit Road were reportedly pointing a toy gun at other motorists and driving erratically.

Tuesday, July 11

 A Burgundy Terrace resident reported that the neighbor was cutting down the complainant's trees with a chainsaw.

 A 911 operator reported that a child called and said the house was on fire. When the Maple Road phone number was called back, the store employee said no one was around and there was no fire.

 Fireworks were reported stolen on Elm Street, and information on the suspect was given.

 A Millersport Highway gas station reported that a motorist pumped $6 worth of gas and said he would return the next day to pay for it, but he never did.

 A spool of electrical wiring, and wiring that had already been installed were stolen from a job site on Crosspoint Parkway.

 A Kaymar Drive resident returned home from being out of town to find that speakers, a guitar, a violin and milk were missing.

Wednesday, July 12

 Two 11-year-old children were reportedly out in a Park Club Lane yard with an intoxicated father who was shooting at deer with a pellet gun.

 Two stores on Niagara Falls Boulevard reported receiving fake $100 bills. One location refused to take the money, and the suspect left.

 A suspicious person with a vehicle was reported on Main Street. It turned out to be lovers, who were advised by police.

 A Mount Vernon Road resident reported a squirrel was loose in the house.

 Missing car keys were reported on East Bentham Parkway. In addition, the victim reported that someone had tasted her meatloaf. No evidence of such crime was found.

 A dirtbike was found in a dumpster at an elementary school on Main Street.

Thursday, July 13

 A female reported that her car had been painted while she shopped at a store on Sheridan Drive. When she was leaving she backed over a paint can that was left behind.

 A Hillcrest Drive resident suspected her son of taking items from the garage at the end of June. Reported missing was Miracle Grow and fishing tackle. The resident planned to prosecute if the items were not returned.

 The Tim Horton's on Niagara Falls Boulevard reported receiving a fake $100 bill.

 Hawks were reported nesting in a tree on Sunrise Boulevard. The person reporting the scene wanted the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals informed.

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