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2006-07-19 / Letters to the Editor

Bucki pledges to make donations

In 2004, the Amherst Town Board voted to increase the salaries of its members. When I ran for office last November, I pledged to support a roll-back of that increase and to return the amount of any salary adjustment to cultural and charitable organizations in the Town of Amherst.

Thus far, I have already made contributions in excess of $600. By year end, after I have had an opportunity to evaluate the merits of the various organizations in Amherst, I will donate the remainder of the salary increase and will file a full list of my donations.

I find it most unfortunate that an uninformed reader has used the "Bee Heard" segment of your newspaper to make false accusations regarding my actions and intentions. Contrary to the statements in the July 5 edition, I have already started to fulfill my campaign pledge and will satisfy my commitment before the end of the year.

Your reader also misstates the amount of my salary as deputy supervisor. Although the position of deputy supervisor previously paid a higher amount, I agreed with Dr. Mohan to reduce that stipend to $3,000. Not only will charitable organizations benefit from my pledge, but the town itself has realized a savings in comparison to previous years.

My salary as Deputy Supervisor is a matter of public record. The "Bee Heard" column allows readers an opportunity to express opinions. However, when a reader purports to recite facts, someone on your staff should confirm the accuracy of the information prior to publication. I sincerely hope that you will do so in the future.

I will satisfy my promise of support to the fine cultural and charitable organizations that serve our people.

Deborah Bruch Bucki Amherst council member

and deputy supervisor Mohan's policies are seriously flawed

For the past several months, the Town of Amherst residents, as well as the rest of Erie County, have been bombarded with Supervisor Satish Mohan telling us via the media all about his ideals, his agenda, his education and his career.

Now I believe it is time for Mohan to hear about the "Rest of Us." About the rest of the taxpayers that reside in this town, and about the public servants he has so callously chosen to attack. We are going to tell you about our grand ideals of a different kind, that of humanity, of service to your fellow human beings, of duty and honor.

As Mohan sits in his ivory tower and the comfort of his office in Town Hall, real men and women are out on the streets protecting this community. Do you think that it is a fluke that Amherst is one of the safest towns in America? That title was earned on the backs of the people he presently seeks to suppress.

His plans are unconscionable. They are ill-conceived and seriously flawed. He dishonors and disgraces the men and women who put their lives on the line every day to protect this community. Has this community learned nothing in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the recent flooding in Binghamton? As with any disaster that strikes our communities, while politicians, such as yourself, posture, point, and pontificate, the Future leaders serving today

On Sunday, July 9, Boy Scout Troop 85 from Williamsville presented the residents of 3414 Sweet Home Road in Amherst with a second day of planting perennial flowers. This was an Eagle Scout Project for one of the scouts named Robert Freeman. The scouts came equipped with an organizational chart listing the jobs to be accomplished. They secured all of their materials from donations in the community. They planted day lilies, rose bushes and many other plants. They hand painted 10 clay pots and filled them with flowers. They made and hung birdhouses. They stained outdoor furniture. They even finished off the day with a picnic.

When Robert was asked why he chose this project, he explained that his sister has disabilities and he wanted to do something for residents with disabilities. Heritage Christian Services provides the house for the people living there. They participated in the picnic and also provided complimentary food and were very grateful for the efforts of the Scouts.

It was invigorating to see the parents of the Scouts working alongside of their children and working heartily. Sharing and caring are traits that need to be taught. The Boy Scouts have it down pat. They are an example of family and character building. The community benefits greatly from their many services. Bravo to our Boy Scouts!

Kathy Coe

Williamsville first people on the scene actually helping are the local police.

It is only morally fit that this community should support police officers and compensate them for the good of the public. It is clearly the wrong message to send in such critical times.

Fonda Dawn Kubiak


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