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2006-07-19 / Bee Heard

(Editor's note: Call The Bee at 632-0390 and record a one-minute comment on our Bee Heard line. It gives readers an opportunity to comment quickly and candidly on items of local or regional interest. Callers do not have to identify themselves and no callers' names will be used. In the interest of fairness and good taste, The Bee will not publish derogatory or insulting comments. All comments are by our readers and are subject to editing.

.When will the local media demonstrate the intelligence or courage to explain to the public just why it is that the Town of Amherst budget line items of health insurance and utility costs were under-budgeted, so to speak? The answer is, Satish Mohan did not retain the town engineer who was going to institute the utility cost-saving measures at town facilities; therefore, there is no one in place who understands or has the know-how to institute cost-saving measures for utilities. Secondly, the health insurance costs were under-funded because it was expected that the last two out of the five town unions would move to a single health insurance carrier, thereby saving $2 million. Mohan, with his multiple inflammatory anti-union press conferences, certainly nixed any opportunity for unions to make that concession.

.Last week I drove on Sherbrooke, all the way from Maple Road to where it becomes Mill Street and onto Sheridan Drive. It happened to be garbage day. How disgusting! I counted exactly five houses with their garbage inside of garbage cans with the lids on; the others were in paper bags, plastic bags, cardboard boxes, or piled so high in garbage cans that there was no lid! Haven't these people heard about the rat problem headed this way, or are they going to wait for the rats to appear and then complain about how did this happen? Wake up, everybody; the rats are coming.

.Fact: Natureview Park will remain forever green due to the 10 years of hard work of Council Members Bill Kindel and Dan Ward. Fact: Natureview Park would have been a sludge dump or a golf course if not for Bill Kindel or Dan Ward. I wish people would get their facts straight before speaking at town board meetings. Thank you, Bill Kindel and Dan Ward, for all your hard work on Natureview Park!

.I would like to see The Amherst Bee publish a list of all the buildings, say over 5,000 square feet, in the entire town that have been vacant for over one year and list the address, square footage and former type of business. I am willing to bet you may have to have a supplement to your fine newspaper!

.This is Mary Bobinski, director of the Amherst Public Libraries, responding to the query in the last issue regarding the small experimental rental collections available at each Amherst Library. This program has been available nationwide at most public libraries for years, and is only new to Amherst. All books in the rental collection are available in the regular collection. This service is for people who do not want to wait and are willing to pay 50 cents a day to read a book in a few days and therefore avoid purchasing it. All funds are plowed back into the collection to provide more books. The notice at all locations identifies this as an experiment in Amherst until the end of the year, at which time a decision will be reached as to whether to continue it. So far, the reaction of the public has been enthusiastic.

.In response to Mr. Walker's letter in the July 12 Bee, I'm tired of hearing it was a mandate that elected Mr. Mohan supervisor. It was a simple majority. They also elected town board members, and this is a democracy. Mr. Mohan is not emperor of Amherst. Also, worry about the real cost of high taxes caused by high school taxes and Medicaid costs. Let's see Satish do something about that!

.The political calls, pro and con Mohan, to Bee Heard are becoming tedious and repetitive! Clearly, town employees are against the town supervisor, but given the fact that the rest of us have a wait-and-see attitude toward Mohan's policies, it is incumbent upon the editor of this paper to print the signed letters but leave Bee Heard for other more various and perhaps interesting issues!

.I live in the Town of Amherst, and I am not in favor of another Wal-Mart on Millersport Highway. Don't we have enough Wal-Marts already? Wal-Mart, the number one money-making corporation in this country who does not permit its workers to unionize, who does not provide health-care benefits, who does not pay high enough wages.

.I wish someone in local government would consider the painting that is badly needed on the bridge on Main Street that crosses Ellicott Creek. The rails are in dire need of paint and have been for at least three years.

.Isn't it sweet we have a front-page article how Satish doesn't want any more furniture. It's convenient that he did this just after remodeling his entire office.

. Supervisor Mohan has been in office only seven months. You think he could have created miracles in this time? I'm very upset with the lousy remarks I read in this column and letters to the editor, as well. Give him a chance!

.My family and I attended Old Home Days immediately after the parade on Tuesday night, and I was disappointed with the conditions in the park. The garbage cans near the food tents were literally overflowing with garbage. Also, there was no toilet paper in the main ladies room. I think we can do better next year.

.I'd like to applaud Supervisor Mohan for resisting the wishes of the Amherst Police to hire three more officers. How many murders and violent crimes occur in this town a year? A handful? Right on, Satish! Keep trimming the fat!

.To the person who wrote a letter about employee benefits, when town board members give up their lifetime health insurance, even when they off the board, maybe we employees will consider putting in what we owe.

.To the caller who stated Amherst town employees do not have cosmetic riders, I work in a doctor's office and I know for a fact there are some town employees who do have cosmetic riders.

.To all political parties in Erie County, please tell your congressman or senator that if they don't remove all the federal, state and county taxes from gasoline, they may not be the next candidate for congress or senate in 2007! Let's put them all on notice now.

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