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2006-03-22 / Letters to the Editor

Village proposals boggle the mind

Lord spare us from ambitious amateurs.

The latest proposals from the Williamsville Village Board boggle the mind.

First of all, making East Spring Street a one-way street from either direction would require a new traffic light at the corner of East Spring and Main streets. With current signals on Main at both Cayuga and Mill streets, that would really cause traffic flow problems.

Closing Rock Street would prevent access to the Amherst Bee and HSBC parking lots. Since it would no longer be a street, would the name be changed to Lowther Lane?

The very best idea would be for the Village Board to declare itself obsolete. Think of the savings that would represent. Then we could retain the facade of the Village Hall as a front entrance to multi-level parking, which would encompass the large parking area behind that building. Barring that, the Water Mill could be used for village offices (think of the historical value) and we'd still have the other area for parking.

Joclaire Achatz East Spring Street


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