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2006-03-22 / Sports

Woman flips drivers the bird

(Editors note: The Bee's police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

Amherst Police

Friday, March 10

+ A resident of Fairgreen Drive drove over a neighbor's lawn and hit the house.

 A man was reported to be asking strange questions in a store on Harlem Road. The manager believed he was "casing" the store.

Saturday, March 11

 A person on Redwing Court reported receiving prank calls. The caller was threatening the complainant with a shotgun.

 A neighbor on Shellridge Drive reported a loud party.

 A business on Maple Road received a bomb threat. The manager couldn't remember any angry customers from that day.

 Three men were reported to be carrying rifles on Dutchmill Drive.

 Two teens were seen carrying BB guns walking down the path on Berryman. The parents were notified.

Sunday, March 12  A teen reportedly entered a store on Sheridan Drive and yelled racist slurs.

 Eggs were thrown at a pick up truck the past two nights on Layton Avenue.

Monday, March 13

 A toddler was seen sleeping in a car alone on Niagara Falls Boulevard.

 A possum was in a trap on Hopkins Road, and another possum was in the shed.

Tuesday, March 14

 A person at a business in 300 Crosspoint Parkway said an agitated man was calling the 800 number from New Jersey threatening to shoot a major insurance company in Amherst.

 A person on Harlem Road reported that cars were parked too close together and too close to the intersection.

 A house and car were egged on Greenboro Court.

 Graffiti was found on the backs of four stop signs on Cambridge Boulevard.

Wednesday, March 15

 A nicely dressed woman was reported to be garbage picking on Le Brun Circle.

 A female walking on Evans Street was giving passing cars the finger.

 A pack of dogs was seen running loose on Oakland Road.

 A person on Allenhurst Road reported food was missing from his apartment. There were no signs of forced entry.

Thursday, March 16

 A manager from a business on Kensington Avenue called and said she thought a drunk patron just hit the front of the building with his car. The car hit the building, and the driver drove away.

 Four teens were seen entering a building on Sundown Trail. Three boys and one girl entered the property, and a slight odor of marijuana seeped from under the garage door.

 Someone placed a dead black cat on a man's porch on Niagara Falls Boulevard.

 Two women were fist fighting at a restaurant on Main Street.

Friday, March 17

 A person on Pine Acres took all of the snow plow guides along his driveway and down the street.

 A resident on Wiltshire Road said she was awakened by a male calling for help. She thought it was coming from down the street.

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