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2006-03-22 / Lifestyles

UH and W's 10-week One Life Program:

Featured Topics

 Class 1 - "Diet wars" - involving the importance of diet control.

+ Class 2 - "You are what you eat" - discusses carbohydrates and creating a balanced diet.

 Class 3 - "Gotta move your feet to lose your seat" - discusses the benefits of exercising and stress management.

 Class 4 - "Big fat liars" - explains low cholesterol, trans fatty acids and choosing high-fiber foods.

 Class 5 - "Dashing new facts" - discusses diabetes and heart disease as well as preventing osteoporosis.

 Class 6 - "What's up Doc?" - examines the basics of fat and water soluble vitamins and the basics about minerals and supplements.

 Class 7 - "Your 'nana' and 'papa' never wore a beeper" - discusses the impacts of stress and the complications to your body.  Class 8 - What's cooking?" - designed to give healthy cooking tips and a low-fat kitchen.

 Class 9 - "Drive-thru madness" - explores fast food choices, reducing fat and calories and taking advantage of healthier options.

 Class 10 - "Shop 'til you drop" - discusses using the students' new food guide pyramid to make a shopping list, while using strategies to compare nutrient values using each product's label.

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