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2006-03-22 / Bee Heard

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.I am absolutely stunned about the longevity bonuses! We are unfairly attacking the workers when, you know very well if we were given this benefit, we would accept it too. Who we need to target are the people who negotiated these contracts for the interest of taxpayers. They did a terrible job. Dr. Mohan, from now on, please be in attendance for every single contract negotiation this town has.

.I did not personally vote for Mohan; I think if he ran for office again I would because he seems to be meaning what his running policies were, and I'm proud of him for that. If you really want to save the town some money, don't keep people on as advisers. If you have confidence in the engineer you have, go with him and let the other engineer go back to the job he had.

.I am appalled that Supervisor Mohan and Council Member O'Loughlin would have the gall to try to determine who should be promoted in the police department. We have the best police department in the entire country, and we are known to be one of the safest cities. We should let our police chief decide who to promote in his department; he would certainly know the best person for the job.

.Regarding the water mill, it's important that a qualified electrician looks at that building. From an outsider's point of view, the lighting on the east side of the building looks damaged, and I believe it's a fire hazard waiting to happen. To anyone concerned with preserving the water mill, you need to start acting now on improving and repairing the exterior and interior of the building.

.Am I the only one who has noticed that newly-elected Council Member Deborah Bucki votes in exact lockstep with party boss Councilman Dan Ward? Should the Town of Amherst board act like the Town of Tonawanda board did recently and make a move to reduce their numbers from seven to five? Perhaps that would be a good idea.

.Self-serving board members and others in the town who disagree with the Mohan agenda do a disservice to Amherst with their gossip, false accusations and tantrums. The political expert form Canisius wonders why something wasn't done before in Amherst. The answer is obvious: voters were never given any candidates who would make the changes we need. Dr. Mohan came into office because he didn't have the political baggage like the previous self-serving administrations.

.Yet again another reassessment on Amherst properties! Another hidden way of increasing taxes! It's just ridiculous! I encourage Amherst residents to please begin a tax revolt or just pack up and move and leave these politicians to themselves.

.I have to wonder if all the front-page publicity that Dr. Mohan is getting in The Buffalo News doesn't have something to do with the fact that he spent thousands of dollars with his campaign on full-page ads in that newspaper. It seems to me that special interests should also be related to the media or maybe other candidates in the future should consider doing what Dr. Mohan did to get coverage. It's quite unusual.

.I am disgusted with the way the Amherst Town Board wants to be in control of the police department, pay raises and promotions. They don't know anything about the policemen themselves, They don't know them personally and what they are capable of. Let the people who know how to do it, do it, like Chief Moslow.

.Amherst taxpayers should be sure to remember that it was Councilman Dan Ward, when he was supervisor back in the '90s and late '80s, who had incompetent employees or appointments who caused the facility to not operate correctly. Although Dan Ward would always pretend to be a newcomer to politics and government, he has had a hand in every bad move that the town has made since the 1980s. Taxpayers should not forget that.

.As an Amherst resident and business major, I initially thought that Supervisor Mohan with his expertise in engineering would be just the person to bring a breath of fresh air to Amherst town government. But after three months in office, he has demonstrated that he lacks the necessary knowledge and business skills required to run a town the size of Amherst. His learn-on-the-job and micromanage everything-approach is doing nothing but costing taxpayers money in penalties, late fees and additional labor costs, which is just the opposite of his campaign promises. Supervisor Mohan, instead of grandstanding the media every other day, might be better suited to spending his time taking business courses so he may develop the skills necessary to identify and address the real issues requiring the attention of management at his level.

.Speedy action is needed about the rat problem with serious warnings and fines for rat-friendly disposal in front of homes. Also, all carry-out pizza and fast food could have an added charge for the litter results from them and that could help pay for some of the expenses that will go for the totes that are so unfortunately necessary.

.To the Williamsville Village Board, let's fix the sidewalks first, so they are walkable, before we start worrying about crosswalks.

.I think Satish Mohan is doing a great job! It's time to get rid of longevity pay. The Amherst Police contract is up, and it's time to cut back. They do a great job, but they are getting way overpaid compared to everyone else, and no one gets checks as large as they do. Great job, Dr. Mohan!

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