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2006-01-18 / Sports

Nightmare puts fear in Strikers, wins 4-1

Indoor Soccer

Despite some good defensive play by the Amherst Strikers, including denial on several scoring opportunities, continuous pressure by the Northtowns Nightmare led to goals and a 4-1 win in a Buffalo Western New York Junior Soccer League U11B game this past Saturday.

The score was 2-0 at the half and 3-0 when the Strikers got their only goal. Alyssa Cartwright scored on a hard corner kick that deflected off a Northtown’s player up into the air and over the goalie’s head. There was some hope for a comeback as the Strikers did manage to get the ball into Northtown’s end more in the second half, but the Nightmare’s fourth and final goal put it out of reach.

Morgaine Houston created a scoring opportunity in the first half when she pushed the ball to the front of Northtown’s net, but the goalie knocked it away before she could get the shot off.

Kathryn Farrell made several excellent plays at midfield, pushing the ball into the Nightmare’s end, making some nice passes forward, and winning jousts with would-be attackers. Julia Newton showed some superb footwork, beating defenders on several occasions to penetrate into Northtown’s end. Alexandria Troncone made a superb throw-in that sparked a Striker rush up the left side. Colleen Stelley made some nifty passes at midfield to get past defenders. Courtney Sugarman pushed the ball past defenders and into Nightmare territory several times.

Defensively, Julia Struble seemed a step quicker than the Northtown’s attackers in the net as she ran and dove on several balls just before they could kick them in, brushing off a solid collision with a Nightmare player. Hannah Dreger cleared the ball away from in front of the net several times, including one that looked like a sure goal after the Northtown’s player whiffed.

Jade Brooks made a nice defensive play when she took the ball away from an attacker and pushed it back the other way. Gillian Dougherty stopped a Nightmare charge when she pushed the ball to the side and then deflected it off the attacker and out of bounds.

Alicia Girard owned the front of the net on her defensive shift in the second half as she knocked away attempt after attempt to close in on the Stiker’s net.

Emily Saint blocked a pass that would have led to a Northtown’s breakaway and broke up several other Nightmare rushes. Chelsea Stachura knocked several balls away from in front of the net to thwart scoring chances.

Sarah Garcia stuffed an attempt at a centering pass and pushed the ball back the other way out of danger.

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