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2005-12-28 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

(Editor’s note: Call The Bee at 632-0390 and record a one-minute comment on our Bee Heard line. It gives readers an opportunity to comment quickly and candidly on items of local or regional interest. Callers do not have to identify themselves and no callers’ names will be used. In the interest of fairness and good taste, The Bee will not publish derogatory or insulting comments. All comments are by our readers and are subject to editing.

.Mr. Kindel’s comments at the town board meeting were uncalled for, racist and absolutely not proper. He should apologize to Mr. Mohan. Mr. Kindel, be aware that the voters have spoken before, and you will never get my vote. I will do my best to make sure you’re put out of office when your term is up.

. I know Bill Kindel, and I can say with 100 percent certainty that Bill Kindel is not a racist. He is a man who loves Amherst and has done many good things for Amherst. Haven’t we all, at one time or another, said something, and after we said it we think, that didn’t come out like I wanted. Bill Kindel is a very kind and caring person.

.In regards to the Doberman and Beagle abandoned at the Buffalo Shooting Club, I picked up the Beagle immediately and later on the Doberman was grabbed by the SPCA. Since then, I’ve been told that both have been adopted into new families — a very happy ending to a very lousy deed.

.Bill Kindel should be put on leave and a lock should be put on his mouth. The councilman should be suspended from all town board meetings and town business until his term runs out, plus be fined $1,000 for his outbreak and his salary be suspended.

.I believe Mr. Kindel should live by the adage that says: Keep your mouth closed unless you wish to be thought a fool; open it and remove all doubt. He did that Monday night at the town board meeting with his comments.

.Bill Kindel really showed his true colors last night at the board meeting. How disgraceful to disrespect the town’s incoming highest elected official by insulting his ethnic background. Bill, you don’t represent my interest.

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