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2005-11-23 / Letters to the Editor

Thank you for library support

When the Central Library Board placed Williamsville Library on its closing list, it was met with disbelief as all of the statistics proved that Williamsville library is an incredibly busy, vibrant part of our walkable village.

Now that we know our Library will be open in 2006 and remain a vital and integral component of our community, it is truly cause for celebration.

I want to thank the passionate library supporters; the thousands who signed petitions, wrote letters, attended the press conference and attended the Save our Williamsville Library Meeting in which the Council Chambers overflowed with supporters.

This was the third time in five years we had to fight for our library — apathy and complacency simply are not in our mindset when our library is the issue.

Because of your overwhelming and unwavering support, our elected officials heard loud and clear how important our library is to our community and funded it for 2006.

This process truly demonstrates how powerful we are as a community when we join together to achieve a common goal.

Jean Stadelman, chairperson of Save Our

Williamsville Library

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